Dispute resolution services

Supplier of construction dispute resolution services (ODA) to the London 2012 Games.

ICE's Dispute Resolution Services offers a comprehensive suite of services, including Adjudication, Arbitration and Mediation to the construction and engineering industries. Our services cover all forms of contract including NEC3 and Infrastructure Conditions of Contract.

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We provide the tools needed to resolve disputes. These include online registers of qualified dispute resolution professionals, an appointment service, model dispute resolution procedures and bespoke adjudication services to major infrastructure projects such as London2012 and Crossrail.

ICE recommends the use Mediation or Conciliation as the most cost effective and amicable forms of dispute resolution but recognises the necessity for more formal forms such as Arbitration and Adjudication.


Guidance for users of adjudication


The ICE arbitration procedure offers an alternative to adjudication with three options that are selected according to the value of the dispute. This allows parties to get a final and binding decision on low value disputes as well as providing a full-length arbitration procedure when necessary.

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Mediation is normally a cheaper and more amicable way of resolving disputes compared to more formal types of dispute resolution. Mediation allows the parties in dispute to explore ways of settling with the assistance of an impartial mediator. Mediation is an assisted negotiation and as it is a voluntary process is available to parties in dispute, under any form of contract, at any time, regardless of other statutory or contractual provisions.

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An option in ICE Conditions of Contract, conciliation is similar to mediation but has the added benefit of the conciliator issuing a recommendation if a resolution is not reached.

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Dispute boards

A Dispute board, also known as a dispute adjudication board or dispute resolution board, is a three person board that is set up at the start of a project to advise on any issues that may arise and to adjudicate on disputes.

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Expert witnesses

ICE expert witnesses are engineers who have achieved ICE Fellowship and also have the training and experience necessary to prepare expert reports and act as expert witnesses.