ICE, ASCE and CSCE sign new protocols for a sustainable future


13 APRIL 2012

Washington DC played host to the Triennial conference featuring ICE, ASCE and CSCE. This year's theme was around Global Perspectives on Sustainable Infrastructure.

The two day conference in March brought together leaders and industry experts from across the global, civil engineering landscape and many other sectors. ICE President Richard Coackley, ASCE President Andrew Hermann and CSCE President Randy Pickle delivered speeches on the unique perspectives of their country’s own approach to sustainability.

ICE Director-General, Nick Baveystock, gave a summary of the UK’s State of the Nation Report and National Infrastructure plan. There were also a number of presentations around the themes of: 

  • government leadership in sustainable infrastructure
  • rating systems for measuring sustainable infrastructure
  • education and certification for professionals for sustainable infrastructure.

The conference concluded with the signing by the three Presidents of a set of protocols, as evidence of the global, civil engineering community’s, continued commitment to a sustainable future for our planet. The protocols will be submitted to Rio +20 later this year at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. The next Triennial conference, in three year's time, will be held in the UK.