ICE State of the Nation: Transport - Call for Evidence


9 JANUARY 2013

ICE's annual State of the Nation report in 2013 will focus on transport and is now inviting submissions as part of the evidence gathering stage.

Much has changed since ICE’s State of the Nation: Transport report in 2008, with recent public debate dominated by the future of our airports and the opportunities and challenges presented by high speed rail.

In response, ICE will be developing a new State of the Nation: Transport report in 2013 to inform the debate about the future for the UK’s transport networks.

Call for evidence

ICE is beginning its formal evidence gathering with an open ‘Call for Evidence’ from 9 January to 13 February 2013, asking a range of questions exploring the context, strategy, funding, management and lessons to be learnt for transport.

Members, experts and organisations should return their responses, up to 2000 words in length, by email to by 13 February.

The evidence will help inform ICE’s position and the evidence will be followed up with interviews, workshops and further research as appropriate, with the aim to publish the findings in late June.

For more information, please contact Duncan Neish at (