Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

To ensure ICE members’ reputation and standing is upheld, the Institution of Civil Engineers encourages all grades of membership to pursue effective CPD. As a member, you are expected to take responsibility for your own professional development and to send us an annual record of both your past year’s activity and your plans for the upcoming year.

How much CPD?

You are expected to pursue sufficient CPD to develop and then maintain your professional knowledge, skills and competence to practice, wherever you are working globally. The precise amount required will vary according to your circumstances and career stage so you are expected to review your own approach to make sure it delivers to this overall development objective.

It’s important to think of CPD in terms of outcomes rather than activity, although as a rough indication, you are likely to need to demonstrate at least 30 hours or 5 days of CPD each year. You can find more detailed guidance in ICE3006A as well as in each of the routes to membership guidelines. There are very few special circumstances in which the requirement to submit CPD on time is waived.

What counts as CPD?

Recording CPD becomes much easier once you realise it can include a wide range of different activities. It is not just a question of attending courses or conferences to update your technical knowledge. It can include any activity where you consciously seek to learn new skills or competencies such as a new qualification, a new role, or supporting others. You can find examples of the many activities that can be included in Appendix D of ICE3006A.

How should I record and submit my CPD?

We recommend you complete your Development Action Plan (DAP) and Personal Development Record (PDR) on an ongoing basis throughout the year – you will feel much less stressed if you are not up against the deadline.

You should prepare your CPD record using two key documents: your PDR to record and evaluate your past activity; and your DAP to identify and plan your future development needs. If you have regular performance appraisals, you will already have needed to consider these with your employer. If you are self-employed, the CPD process will help you reflect and ensure your skills remain current and competitive. For some inspiration, take a look at these examples of best practice.

An online tool is available in MyICE and we encourage you to submit your CPD through it. It is straightforward to register – you will need your usual email address and password. You will be asked to set your activities against your previous year’s DAP objectives. If you wish to record any activity outside your original DAP, you will need to create a new objective retrospectively.

Need help?

Check out the FAQs, but if you are still stuck email us on or telephone +44 (0)20 7665 2124.

CPD Monitoring

ICE routinely monitors a sample of members’ CPD records each year since January 2011.

All members who sit on a panel, act as a reviewer, are Council members or who provide volunteer support to the ICE will be asked for their annual DAP and their PDR from the previous year.

As in previous years, we will be doing a CPD audit. As well as those listed above, we randomly sample 10% of professionally qualified members who have confirmed in MyICE that they are developing their professional knowledge, skills and competence on a continuing basis. We will ask for their 2014 DAP and PDR as above.

Special circumstances

  • Retired members. Retired members are not required to submit CPD to the ICE. However, if you still work part-time (as a consultant for example) or are engaged with ICE activities as a reviewer, supervising civil engineer (SCE) to your former employer or sit on an ICE panel then you will need to submit a CPD record if randomly selected
  • Parental leave. If you have been on parental leave for more than six months of the past year, you are exempt from submitting a record for audit We still strongly encourage you to maintain your CPD as much as you can
  • Unemployed. If you have been unemployed for more than six months of the past year, you are exempt from submitting a record for audit. Similarly, we strongly encourage you to maintain your CPD in order to improve your chances at re-entering the workplace
  • Long term illness. If you have been seriously ill for more than six months of the past year, you are exempt from submitting a record for audit – but you are encouraged to return to recording your CPD as soon as you are recovered


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Guidance on the reasons for CPD monitoring can be found in the CPD FAQ.

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