Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is a way for you, as a professional, to show that you're continuing to learn and develop throughout your career. It involves keeping your skills, knowledge and experience up to date and recording what you learn and then use in your job.

In a fast-moving world, CPD supports you to work safely, legally and effectively, and to develop your career. It also shows you're committed to lifelong learning.

As an ICE member, you need to manage your own professional development. This means being able to send us (see 'CPD monitoring' below) an annual record of your past year’s CPD and your plans for the year ahead.

How much CPD?

The amount of CPD you need will depend on your circumstances and where you are in your career. You need enough to build and then add to your professional knowledge, skills and competence – wherever in the world you're working.

It’s important to think of CPD as the outcomes you get rather than activity you do. But generally, you need at least 30 hours or five days of CPD every year. Download our guide to CPD to find out how to plan and record your activities.

What counts as CPD?

Recording CPD becomes much easier once you realise how much you can include. It's not just about attending courses or conferences to update your technical knowledge. It can be any activity where you learn new skills or competencies like a new qualification, a new role, or supporting other people. Here are some examples of CPD activities and areas of learning that might be helpful.

How should I record and submit my CPD?

We recommend you update your Development Action Plan (DAP) and Personal Development Record (PDR) throughout the year. Adding your CPD during the year will make you feel much less stressed about meeting the deadline.

Please prepare your CPD record by noting down what you've recently learnt and your future development needs. There's a CPD template to help you keep track of your progress. If you have regular performance appraisals, you need to consider these with your employer. If you're self-employed, the CPD process will help you to keep your skills current and to stay competitive.

We encourage you to use our CPD tool in MyICE to submit your CPD. It's straightforward to register – you'll need your usual email address and password.

The tool will ask you to set your activities based on your DAP objectives from the previous year. If you'd like to record any new activity (not in your original DAP), you'll need to create a new objective.

Need help?

Check out our Continuing professional development FAQs for more information. However, if you can't find your answer there, please email us at or call +44 (0)20 7665 2192.

CPD Monitoring

ICE has been monitoring a sample of members’ CPD records since January 2011. We ask all ICE members who sit on a panel, are Council members, reviewers or volunteers for their annual DAP and their PDR from the previous year.

We also do an annual CPD audit. This involves asking 10% of professionally qualified members (randomly sampled) to send us their DAP and PDR, also from the previous year. These members have confirmed in MyICE that they're continually developing their professional knowledge, skills and competence.

Special circumstances

You don't have to submit CPD records if:

  • You're retired – unless you still work part-time (as a consultant, for example) or are a reviewer, supervising civil engineer (to a former employer) or ICE panel member

Or if, for more than six months of the past year:

  • You've been on parental leave
  • You've been unemployed
  • You've had a long-term illness

If you plan to go back into work, we encourage you to try to keep your CPD up to date.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Guidance on the reasons for CPD monitoring can be found in the CPD FAQ.

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