ICE NI Committee 13/14

Representing the interests of the ICE NI membership

2012/2013 Main committee

Kevin McShane BEng, CEng, MICE

David Porter BEng, CEng, MICE
Dr. Alan Skates BSc PhD, CEng MICE
Stephen Heaney BSc, CEng, MICE

Immediate Past Chairman
Jo Aston BEng, CEng, FICE

Corporate representatives
Dr. Donal Ryan BEng, PhD, CEng, MICE
Gerry Hennity BSc, CEng, MICE
Kieran O'Connor MEng CEng MICE
Martyn Harvie BEng CEng MICE
Siobhan Mullan BEng CEng MICE
David McCune MEng CEng FICE

Transportation representative
Mark Atkinson BEng, CEng, MICE

Hon. Secretary 
Dr. Gary Curran BEng, PhD, CEng, MICE

Hon. Treasurer
David McKillen BSc, CEng, MICE

Hon. Asst. Secretary
Brenda O'Loan BEng, CEng, MICE

Regional Director
Wendy Blundell MEng CEng FICE

Assistant Regional Director 
Richard Kirk MEng CEng MICE

Council Representative
David Porter BEng CEng MICE

Benevolent Fund representative
JAC McFarland BSc CEng FICE

NICIG representatives
Kevin McShane BEng CEng MICE
Ian Long BEng CEng FICE
David McCune MEng CEng FICE

Geotechnical group
Simon Wells MEng CEng MICE

Health and Safety Expert Panel
Ciaran McAleenan MPhil CEng MICE

Sustainability Group
Gerry Hennity

Graduates and Students Section
Wendy Armstrong BEng IEng MICE

Corporate Representative
Julie Templeton MEng CEng MICE

Civil Engineers Club
N.I. Representative
Jo Aston BSc Ceng MICE

Panel for Historic Engineering Works (PHEW)
N.I. Representative
Frank Robinson CEng, FICE

Golfing Society
Hon. Secretaries
Jack McFarland BSc, CEng, FICE
David Porter BEng, CEng, MICE 

ICE NI Main Committee- who's who?

Chair - Kevin McShane

Kevin McShane
As chairman, Kevin contributes to main committee debates and discussions and to the judging of technical papers. Kevin is an independant transport consultant. Kevin has been involved with ICE NI for over 20 years.

Jo Aston
Immediate Past Chairman
As immediate past chairman, Jo is responsible for the Civil Engineers Club. Jo is Director of Water Regulation at the Utility Regulator.

David Porter
David is currently Middle Vice Chairman and has previously been a corporate member of Main Committee having been involved in the delivery of the CPD seminar in 2009 hosted by Phillip Hesketh. David is a Director of the Rivers Agency and is based at Hydebank outside Belfast.

Dr Alan Skates
Dr Alan Skates has been a Corporate Member of ICE for over 35 years and has previously served on the committee for the Northern Ireland region. Alan is a Director in Atkins Belfast.

Stephen Heaney
Stephen Heaney is Junior Vice Chairman and is a Fellow of ICE. Stephen is a Managing Partner in WDR & RT Taggart.

Dr. Donal Ryan
Elected Corporate Representative
Donal is in his third year on committee as Elected Corporate Representative and will be involved in regional events through out the year. Donal works the School of Built Environment at the University of Ulster, lecturing on construction & Civil Engineering Hydraulics, Hydrology & Construction Materials.  

Gerry Hennity
Elected Corporate Representative
Gerry is in his third year as Elected Corporate Representative and is Chairman of the Sustainability group. Gerry works for CEI Collins Engineers.

Kieran O'Connor
Kieran is in his second year as Elected Corporate Representative.  In his time on committee, he will be involved in some of the regional events taking place over the year.  Kieran works for Amey's Consulting division in Belfast.

Martyn Harvie
Martyn is also in his second year as Elected Corporate Representative. He will assist at regional events and provide information for Main Committee. He is a senior civil engineer at Atkins. 

Siobhan Mullan
Siobhan joins Committee as Elected Corporate Represenative. Siobhan is a director at Mullan Consulting Engineers.

David McCune
David joins committee as Elected Corporate Representative. He is also on the NI Construction Industry Group and is a Fellow of ICE.

David Bramall
Health & Safety Panel Representative
David is Chair of the ICE NI Health and Safety Panel. He currently works for the Department of Regional Development.  

Mark McGuigan
Mark is Chair of the Contracts and Commerce special interest group. He has just finished his term as Elected Corporate Representative. He works for McAdam Design. 

Mark Atkinson
Transportation representative
As Transport Representative Mark Atkinson acts as a link between ICE and the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT). Mark is also the Chairman of the Sustainability Action Group responding to sustainability issues as they relate to the civil engineering industry within Northern Ireland. Mark's transportation credentials are further supported by his career with to date with Translink.  

Gary Curran
Honorary Secretary
As Hon. Secretary Gary performs the secreterial functions for the Main Committee, Regional Executive Board and the Learned Society meetings. He is assisted by Brenda O'Loan and the Regional Support Team. Gary works for NIW.

David McKillen 
Hon. Treasurer
David provides the role of Northern Ireland Honorary Treasurer. In this role he works closely with the Regional office and oversees the auditing and accounts of the region. David is employed by URS.

Wendy Armstrong
Chairperson, Graduates and Students Section
As Graduates and Students Committee Chair, Wendy communicates between main committee and the graduates and students. Issues under Wendy's remit include graduate training, G&S events and participation in schools and university events are presented to main committee via Wendy for discussion, consideration and resolution. Wendy currently works for Henry Brothers and is involved with the ICE Health and Safety Expert Panel.