ICE South West is divided into 10 city clubs covering the major cities and towns of the region, which can all be found on our City Clubs page.

Chair - Alexis Field BSc IEng MICE
Vice-Chair - Kieren Couch EngTech TMICE
Junior Vice-Chair - Paul Todd CEng MICE
Honorary Treasurer - Eur Ing Phillip Antony Hardy-Bishop MEng (hons) CEng MICE MCHIT
Honorary Secretary - Paul Oliver BEng (hons) CEng MICE
Past-Chair - Dr Martin Borthwick BEng PhD CEng MICE

Your South West Regional Support Team:

Marketing Communications Executive - Charlotte Pascoe
Marketing Communications Executive - Joanne Mallard
Regional Coordinator - Natalie Wills
Membership Development Officer - Richard Barbour

For more information on your RST and how to get in touch with the team, please see our 'Contact us' page.

Our Regional Aims

Primary Aims
- Increase the quality of learned society events
- Increase the ICE profile in the region

Secondary Aims
- Increase university and schools liaison activity
- Provide more regional services online

Public Voice Aims
- Develop links to regional business leaders
- Develop regional leadership on infrastructure issues
- Develop links to regional governmental leaders

Member Communication Aims
- Produce a Member magazine
- Ensure all members are aware of services provided in the region
- Improve the use of the web and other media to communicate with Members and non-members

Broad and Inclusive Membership Aims
- Work with universities to develop student membership
- Increase the number of Technician Members
- Increase the transfer from Graduate to Member
- Increase the transfer from Member to Fellow
- Create a pre-19 engagement programme

Knowledge Transfer Aims
- Continue to provide a range of seminars for Members
- Deliver national quality events
- Provide a range of options for connecting to knowledge events


Upcoming events

More Information

Where we operate

Key Dates

For key dates, including review dates, please visit the main ICE key dates page.

Contact us

The South West regional office can be contacted using the following details:

Unit 309, Plymouth Science Park, 1 Davy Road, Plymouth, PL6 8BX

Tel: 01752 766230 or 766239
Fax: 01752 787585

Getting Involved

We are always looking for people to get involved and help us to plan interesting events (see our 'Events' page for a selection of the events that we run).

Do you have an interesting topic that you would like to share with us and other members at one of our evening lectures across the region?

Are you an expert in a particular field who would like to offer your availability to speak at one of our conferences?

Would you like help organising an event on a specific topic in a particular location?

Contact us at so that we can help you to become involved with the work that we do.