Development Objective Examples

The table below contains a couple of examples of how work experience outside of the civil engineering industry can contribute partly towards your ICE Development Objectives.

Each Development Objective is given an achievement rating against the following scale. 


You must appreciate why the Development Objective is important and why it is done.


You must have a basic understanding and knowledge of the Development Objective and how it is achieved.



You must have achieved the Development Objective, or part of it, working under supervision.


You must have achieved the Development Objective several times in different situations, having the competence to assist others and to work without supervision.

A, E & B You will need to demonstrate that you have achieved the required rating for each Development Objective. On each Development Objective sheet, you should set out when, where and how you have achieved that particular Development Objective.

Experience gained from any environment can count towards the attainment of the Development Objective, particularly in the case of the A and K ratings.

Development Objective


C1 – Provide Technical and Commercial Management

A, K

During my time at Robson Insurance, I was responsible for the administration of the housing insurance section of the business. This involved the development of systems to meet the business need, development and maintenance of a client database, resource planning to ensure legal deadlines we met and accurate record keeping.
I took responsibility for three staff including all aspects of their office records to achieve sales targets.
The Insurance sector is highly regulated and I was responsible for compliance monitoring within the office, time sheet recording and identifying new business opportunities for the team.

C3 – develop people to meet changing technical and managerial needs


During my employment with David and Sons (wholesale meat butchers and retailers), I took responsibility for a team of three butchers and two direct sales advisors. In this role I was responsible for preparing work schedules to me the customer demands for fresh food orders on time.
I organised appropriate food hygiene training for the new trainee butcher who joined the team and ensured that he reported to an experienced butcher in terms of training and development. This was particularly important as the trainee was just 17 and therefore new to the hazards of a butchery – this required special care on my part as his line manager.

I actively encouraged the team to participate in planning meetings and provide training strategies for the sales team so that they were able to become more knowledgeable in terms of the product range offered across the company. This boosted team moral and resulted in higher sales with an increase of some £25,000 over the three month period.

In particular I led by example – this was exemplified by the fact that I took the food hygiene certificate even though it was not a strict requirement of the desk based job I had.

E4 – manage your own CPD and assist others


Whilst not actively engaged in the civil engineering industry at this time in my career (whilst working in the food preparation industry), I maintained an interest in the developments within civil engineering through :

• Reading civil engineering publications
• Review of the Engineering Council and ICE websites in relation to industry developments
• Attendance at IEC regional meetings
• Maintenance of my ICE graduate membership
• Discussions with former university colleagues who had secured civil engineering projects

Additionally when the factory I worked at was extended I showed a keen interest in the planning of the works and discussed the details with the in house and external engineering team. I took annual leave to spend some time as an interested visitor during the construction works and discussed the details of the project with the site team to gain an insight into the problems facing civil engineering contractors when working around a live meat producing facility.

I have undertaken numerous CPD related activities in terms of my current job role and have kept a record using the principles of ICE 3190 and ICE 3006A. Much of the CPD undertaken, whilst not being specific to Civil Engineering is transferable, including :

• First Aid Training
• Site induction for extension works
• Management and Leadership
• Financial planning
• Presentation skills
• Client Liaison skills

By maintaining a record of what I have done to plane and record this CPD I will be in position to transfer the skills when I return to mainstream civil engineering.