Find out more about each of the Associated Societies

There are 14 Associated Societies administered by ICE. Many are non-ICE members, thus providing a benefit to ICE members whilst bringing non-members into the Institution.

A number of Associated Societies are British sections of international and/or European bodies. The links to the Institution in some cases go back more than 35 years.


Paul Gordon, Associated Societies Manager.
Paul is responsible for ensuring the effective delivery of ICE’s services to the Associated Societies and manages the Associated Societies Team.

Greg James, Lead Associated Societies Executive.
Greg provides secretariat services to BTS, IESF, RCEA and SECED.

Jacqueline Finch, Associated Societies Executive.
Jacqueline provides secretariat services to CEDA, OES, PIANC and TPS.

Tim Fuller, Associated Societies Executive.
Tim provides secretariat services to BDS, BHS, Hazards Forum, IWF and WES.

Shelagh Fleming, Associated Societies Administrator.
Shelagh provides secretariat services to BGA and their Expert Panel activity in addition to administrative support for ICE’s Learned Society Events.

Pauline Arundel, Support Assistant.
Pauline provides administrative support for BDS, BGA, BHS, BTS, CEDA, Hazards Forum, IWF, OES, PIANC, RCEA, SECED, TPS and WES.