ICE launches 'Engineering the Olympic Park'

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During the next two months millions of people will be watching the London 2012 games; this film led by ICE London explains how this project was delivered on time, safely and within budget. It celebrates the ability of the engineer to make a real difference to the urban landscape of East London by sharing the knowledge of those directly involved.

This video forms a key part of ICE's contribution to the 2012 Learning Legacy. Watch the video now to find out key details about the challenges overcome, and interviews with key personnel such as Sir John Armitt, Chair of the Olympic Delivery Authority

More about the Learning Legacy

In 2011, the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) delivered their ambitious ‘big build’ project – the construction of the main venues and infrastructure for London 2012 – on time and within budget.

To capture the lessons learned from the success of the London 2012 construction project, the ODA has worked closely with contractors, industry partners, government bodies and academia to document these lessons and best-practice. With the support of ICE, the ODA is now launching a programme to share the knowledge from the London 2012 construction project and raise the bar within the sector.

ICE's Learning Legacy programme

ICE is delivering a rich portfolio of resources to support the ODA’s Learning Legacy:

Free CPD lectures: developed with the ODA, a UK-wide ICE lecture programme will cover topics such as master planning, land treatment, venues, bridges, structures, water use management and transport. See the the online lectures archive for more details

Journals: Two free London 2012 special issues of ICE's Proceedings Journal, Civil Engineering, featuring insider knowledge on geotechnics, energy provision, structural engineering, master planning, and transport

Online map: Ordnance Survey map of the Olympic Park, plotting the main venues, utilities, road and rail links, explaining how engineers overcame the challenges of managing waste, transport, energy and water resources on the site

More 2012 Learning Legacy related information

Civil Engineering 164, May 2011 Special Issue: Delivering London 2012: planning and people

Benefitting from fascinating insider knowledge from the ODA, this must-have issue sheds light on topics including master planning, environmental management, sustainable management and more.


Civil Engineering 164, November 2011 Special Issue Two: Delivering London 2012: Infrastructure and Venues

This timely special issue explores the complex and challenging infrastructure projects required to deliver London 2012. It also provides in-depth insight into the development of London 2012’s iconic venues

Olympic Delivery Authority’s Learning Legacy website

Learning Legacy supporters

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