Case studies

The ICE is highlighting examples from across the world, which provide case studies of outstanding and innovative civil engineering practice and infrastructure delivery. 

This section of the website, showcases the work of structural engineers and how they have effectively delivered infrastructure which has benefited society.

Case study requests

ICE is seeking further case studies to inform and educate the wider public about structures and buildings. We are keen for users to submit ideas and proposals for case studies in order to develop an interactive web-based resource.

If you have worked on a major structural project and would be willing to share your experiences and details of the build, please email us your ideas.

Future Case Studies

If you would like to write a case study for the ICE or have your worked featured here, please contact

  • 31 JULY 2014

    Ground engineering expert panel

    Knowledge area | Ground engineering

  • 30 JULY 2014

    ICE Virtual Library journal extracts

    Knowledge area | Information systems

  • 29 JULY 2014

    Preventing plant accidents

    Knowledge area |

  • 28 JULY 2014

    BIM goes global

    Knowledge area | BIM

  • 28 JULY 2014

    ICE Virtual Library journal extracts

    Knowledge area | BIM

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    Similar case studies of major European projects have been produced by the Mega-Project group. These can be found here

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