ICE Governance

ICE has been working hard to promote the profession of civil engineering formore than 200 years. We believe that civil engineers play an important role in our everyday lives, so we work hard to support them.

The ICE is governed by a Trustee Board which is responsible for the Institution’s strategic decision making.

The Trustees are supported by a Council, who are directly elected by ICE members. As the pinnacle of the Learning Society, Council drives the agenda by being the key decision-making body with respect to the ICE’s learned society activity.

Whilst the ICE Royal Charter and By-laws are the authoritative document, the Governance Handbook 2021-22 serves as a simple guide which draws out the key regulations and protocols behind ICE’s governance.

Download a copy of our current governance structure chart.

Civil engineers are vital in helping provide the infrastructure that underpins everything we do. We work to help raise the profile of civil engineers, their work and professionalism, and inspire the next generation.