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ICE Hong Kong's committees bring together like-minded people and give members the chance to help influence and shape our work. As well as influencing our priorities, committees work to create an annual programme of events, ranging from technical lectures to visits to ongoing projects and other sites of interest to civil engineers.

Find out about the committees that make up Hong Kong, including what they do, who are members and how you can involved.

  • Hong Kong Regional Board

    The Regional Board is charged with furthering the objectives of ICE in Hong Kong. It is responsible for giving guidance and advice to the Hong Kong Association (HKA) and the Regional Support Team, and setting strategy for the RST in supporting our activities.

    The Chairman of the Hong Kong Regional Board is the ICE Representative for Hong Kong. Other members of the Board and their specific duties are:

    • Hong Kong Representative on Council - responsible for facilitating communication between ICE Hong Kong with ICE's International Policy Committee and the Council
    • Chairman of HKA - responsible for leading HKA to promote learned society activities
    • Regional Director for Hong Kong - responsible for leading the RST to promote membership, administer & control high profile projects and, as resources allow, support the activities of HKA

    The Regional Board can also invite eminent ICE members to act as Honorary Advisors.

    Name Position
    Mr Ricky Lau, JP Chair, ICE Representative for Hong Kong
    Prof Ken Ho, JP Council Representative
    Mr Louis Wong Chairman of ICE Hong Kong Association
    Mr Wan Kai Hong Regional Director for Hong Kong
    Prof CK Mak, GBS JP Co-opted member
    Mr Percy KM Hau Co-opted member

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    If you've got a question for the committee, please contact:

    e: [email protected]

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  • Hong Kong Association - Session 2021/22

    ICE Hong Kong Association (ICE HKA) was established in November 1999. There are more than 7,300 members in Hong Kong and it is the strongest overseas local association of the Institution.

    The object of the Association is to promote, develop and expand the public perception of the role, duties and achievements of civil engineers. As a learned society, the Association has initiated and planned a range of events to help the exchange of expert civil engineering knowledge.

    Learn more about the ICE HKA Constitution

    Name Position
    Mr Louis Wong Chairman
    Mr Ambrose SY Cheong, BBS Vice Chairman
    Mr Percy KM Hau Honorary Secretary
    Mr Alan HL Cheng Honorary Treasurer
    Dr Eric SF Li Immediate Past Chairman
    Mr CM Lee Past chairman
    Ms Shirley SW Cheng Committee member
    Dr Johnny CY Cheuk Committee member
    Mr Chris WF Lau Committee member
    Ms Winnie Lai Committee member
    Mr Rupert KY Leung Committee member
    Mr Sammy CY Ng Committee Member
    Mr Raymond WM Tang Committee member
    Mr Kenneth CH Kwok Co-opted Member
    Mr YC Lam Co-opted Member
    Ms Ellen CY Lee Co-opted Member
    Mr David CW Mak Co-opted Member
    Mr Bang Tan Co-opted Member
    Ms Athena HT Chan G&S Chairman
    Prof Ken Ho, JP Council Member for Hong Kong

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    If you've got a question for the committee, please contact:

    e: [email protected]

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  • Graduates and Students Division - Session 2021/22

    Institution of Civil Engineers Hong Kong Association Graduates and Students Division (G&S) is a sub-division of the Institution of Civil Engineers Hong Kong Association (HKA) to look after interests of ICE graduate and student members in Hong Kong. ICE HKA G&S aims at promoting and encouraging acquisition of knowledge by members in matters related to the engineering profession.

    A wide variety of activities ranging from technical site visit, seminar, delegation, competition, volunteering service, soft-skill training and social event have been held to foster both professional and personal development of young members. ICE HKA G&S also co-organises events with different learnt societies to broaden members' horizons and networks.

    The following three remarkable annual events are recommended to all of you.

    One-Day Seminar

    It aims to promote knowledge exchange for the benefits of Hong Kong's young engineers. Every year speakers are invited from academic institutions, government, contractors and consultant firms to share their experiences and studies on a selected theme. We believe that such sharings from professionals and experts in different sectors will widen our members' understanding of specific topics.

    Model Building Competition

    It aims to inspire engineering sense among undergraduate students and provide a valuable chance for them to apply their technical knowledge into practical use. Participants are required to build a model made of Balsa wood strips within limited time and then the model will be tested.


    It aims to provide our graduate and student members with chances to enhance their theoretical and practical knowledge , and professional network. Delegates will visit different places around the world every year. Delegates will visit different facilities and construction sites provided by overseas government authority, consultants or contractors.

    There are other highly-rated events including Emerging Engineers Award (previously known as Papers Competition), Communications Competition, Mock CPR Workshop and CV workshop.

    Learn more about the ICE HKA G&S Regulations

    Name Position
    Athena H T Chan Chairman
    Mandy S M Lai Immediate Past Chairman
    Kelvin H K Leung Vice Chairman
    Marcus H Y Man Vice Chairman
    Vianna P Y Chiu Honorary Secretary
    Happy K Y Wong Honorary Treasurer
    Clara M K Lui Committee Member, Publicity and Communications Officer
    Justin S C Yim Committee Member, Delegation Team Leader
    Ashley C W Cheng Committee Member, Site Visit and Seminar Team Leader
    Dominick H Y Chung Committee Member, Student Development Team Leader
    Kevin C L Hui Committee Member, Personal Development Team Leader
    Chevy C C Chan Committee Member, External Engagement Manager
    Chris M H Pang Committee member
    Gloria C T Ip Committee member
    Ronnie H L Li Committee member
    Adrian C H Lo Committee member
    Danny T M Lau Student Representative, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    Emma T Y Ip Student Representative, City University of Hong Kong
    Alex T Y Wong Student Representative, Chu Hai College of Higher Education
    Zaria Z M Wong Student Representative, The University of Hong Kong
    Yuyu H Y Lee Student Representative, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    Sunny L Y Tse Student Representative, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong

    Got a question?

    If you've got a question for the committee, please contact:

    e: [email protected]

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