ICE launches Shaping Hong Kong report

Shaping Hong Kong, explores how the city can develop its infrastructure up to and beyond 2030 in support of the HKSAR Government's ambitions for low carbon living in an urban environment.

The report examines three recommendations:

  • The HKSAR Government and the built-environment should share a goal to establish Hong Kong as a regional leader in high quality, low carbon urban development.
  • The HKSAR should identify opportunities to integrate whole life carbon assessment and systems thinking methodologies into infrastructure decision making in the city.
  • In the short term the HKSAR Government, asset owners and the infrastructure supply chain should prioritise 2 areas;
    • Improving energy efficiency in buildings
    • Increased use of retrofit, renewal and lifetime asset management techniques to limit the demand for wholly new infrastructure

The report draws on the work of ICE Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) to generate insights and carry extensive survey of public attitudes. You can read the research report.

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