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Inaugurated in 1977, the QUEST (Queen's Jubilee Scholarship Trust) has been supporting civil engineering students and ICE members in developing their careers.

Hundreds of scholarships and awards have been made since the scheme began and these well-respected awards are associated with excellence because the selection process is competitive and attracts high-calibre applicants.

G. Haider Scholarship

Since October 2003, the QUEST scholarships and awards have included the ICE QUEST G. Haider Scholarship in accordance with these rules and regulations. Apart from awarding scholarships to needy and deserving students, it is envisaged that the process will encourage a better exchange of information between the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore and the Institution of Civil Engineers, London. To this end, plans are being made for an annual ICE QUEST G. Haider Scholarship lecture to be given by a civil engineer with international experience on a civil engineering topic of significance.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Three or more ICE QUEST G. Haider Scholarships will be awarded each year to students, male or female, selected at the start of their first academic year for a degree to graduate level in civil engineering at the University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore. Each year, the selection process for the scholarships will start soon after the University has announced the list of students accepted for admission to the University. Any students accepted by the University for admission after the start of the ICE QUEST G Haider scholarships selection process will become eligible for the scholarships the following year.
  2. Subject to satisfactory progress made by the selected student, the scholarship will be paid to the selected student from the start of his/her first academic year until his/her graduation. The scholarship will be reviewed periodically and will be terminated immediately a selected student is found to be making unsatisfactory progress, he/she is in receipt of another scholarship or his/her financial ability to support themselves improves to the extent that the scholarship is not needed any more. Scholarship holders will be required to submit an annual report of their progress and financial status to the QUEST Committee through the Chairman Placement Bureau, UET, Lahore.
  3. The QUEST Committee jointly with UET, Lahore will set up a selection committee who will make a short list and recommendation in the selection of the candidates eligible for the scholarship. However, the final selection of new scholars shall be made by the QUEST Committee.
  4. Each scholarship will be of the amount of Rs4,000 per month to be paid to selected students monthly subject to satisfactory progress and status. The scholarship will be paid to the selected student through UET during the period fixed in Paragraph 2 above. The amount of the scholarship will be subject to review by the QUEST Committee every 5 years (next review 2013).
  5. Only citizens of Pakistan will be eligible to apply for the scholarship after they have been selected for a place on the civil engineering degree course at UET, Lahore.
  6. A selected candidate will not be in receipt of any other scholarships or awards other than a merit award.
  7. From a desk study of the applications, the selection committee in Lahore will select and interview a minimum of 10 candidates. The interview will last approximately half an hour. The purpose of the interview is to identify those who demonstrate at the interview personal qualities and standards appropriate to a future leader, in addition to their academic and non- academic achievement to date.
  8. In general, the selection committee in Lahore will observe the following criteria for selection:
    • Academic achievements: 20%
    • Requirement for financial support: 55%
    • Non-academic abilities: 5%
    • Selection committee interview: 20%
  9. The selection committee in Lahore will short list the best 6 candidates and forward their recommendations and the applications of the candidates to the QUEST Committee who will select the students to receive the ICE QUEST G. Haider Scholarship each year.