ICE London Annual Update 2015

The Annual Update provides a summary of ICE London’s activities during 2015, covering our Education and Inspiration, Qualifications, Professionalism and Knowledge and Informing Opinion work. The Update shows the wide range of exciting work we do to promote civil engineering and our members and suggests ways for you to get involved.

2015 was a fantastic year for ICE London and our Annual Update shows just how varied our activities have been. From going into schools to inspire children to become engineers to meeting with high profile politicians and packed lectures on the future of the Capital, 2015 was a year that offered something for everyone.

The ICE London Annual Update gives a summary of our year, examining the four strands of our work:

Education and Inspiration: Engaging with children and schools to find the new generation of civil engineers.

Qualifications: Providing our members with the latest skills and training, at every stage of their professional development.

Professionalism and Knowledge: Fulfilling our role as a learned society by acting as a forum for collaboration, innovation and the newest ideas.

Informing Opinion: Acting as a Thought Leader by meeting with policy makers and key politicians.

The Annual Update also provides suggestions of how you can get involved in ICE London, one of the most vibrant built environment groups in the Capital.

Whether its acting as a Ambassador to encourage kids to join the profession, using your expertise to effect policy or making sure you have the most advanced skill set available – there is something for everyone to get involved with.

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