ICE London and South East England Diversity Task Force Interim Report

Promoting diversity and inclusion across ICE membership and the industry.

The London and South East England Diversity Taskforce was formed in June 2016 and was tasked with bringing about a step change in the diversity of our membership. We were set a two year time frame for our work.

The Task Force is responsible for raising diversity awareness, sharing best practice and facilitating and supporting the embedment of fairness, inclusion and respect as a factor to be considered in all activities undertaken across the ICE London and South East England regions.

At this half way mark, one year in, we are taking stock of where we are, what we've learned and how we've started to develop a more inclusive approach.

We are committed to actively embracing difference. We have a wide variety of members from all backgrounds with unique personalities. We are proud of our members and strive to ensure they are members all included and served equally by their Institution.

We're continuously looking to attract new members from all backgrounds - growing from strength to strength based on the different perspectives and contributions our diverse membership brings.

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