London’s successful growth: Circular economy briefing

An overview of the opportunities and challenges facing London’s transition to a circular economy.

By 2050, London will have a population of over 11 million and require £1.4 trillion in infrastructure investment.

How can we prepare our infrastructure systems for a growing city? How can we ensure London is able to cater for this growth whilst protecting its environment, maintaining living standards and remaining an attractive place to live, visit and do business?

The London's Successful Growth Briefings seek to give an overview of the future opportunities and challenges London will face in each sector.

London's Successful Growth: Circular Economy explores how London can transition to an economy based on the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. This will require changes to products throughout their lifecycle as well as changes to our waste management systems.

Interested in London's circular economy issues?

The London & South East Circular Economy Panel consists of key civil engineers and experts in the sector who provide guidance to key decision makers. If you are interested in getting in touch please email [email protected].

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