Response to London Assembly Transport Committee’s Investigation into Traffic Congestion

ICE London responds to the Transport Committee’s investigation into how congestion on London’s roads can be reduced.

ICE London has responded to the London Assembly Transport Committee's call for evidence for its investigation into road congestion.

Congestion poses a problem to London's residents, visitors and businesses. Longer and unreliable journey times affect economic output and productivity whilst traffic jams contribute to London's air quality crisis.

London's increasing population, which now stands at 8.7 million, contributes heavily to construction related traffic, numbers of drivers and numbers of deliveries. This trend looks set to continue - according to TfL's figures, congestion on London's roads is set to rise by 60% by 2031.

In its response, ICE London examines a number of solutions to road congestion, including changes to road charging, workplace parking levies, consolidation and new public transport infrastructure.

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