Sustainable Drainage Action Plan consultation response

The ICE London and South East Water Panel has responded to the London Mayor’s Draft Sustainable Drainage Action Plan (SDAP), “a long-term plan intended to inspire, facilitate and co-ordinate a step-change” in how the GLA deals with rainwater runoff in the Capital.

  • Updated: 11 January 2016
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With London at increasing risk of flooding due to rainwater runoff, the GLA has partnered with Thames Water, the Environment Agency and London Councils to produce the Sustainable Drainage Action Plan. The Plan looks at the benefits of sustainable drainage to the city and examines how various sectors and property owners in London can implement sustainable drainage.

The ICE London and South East Water Panel, in their response, has welcomed the creation of the Plan and is pleased to see the Mayor's ambitious goal to "achieve a 1% reduction in surface water flows in the sewer network each year for 25 years, resulting in a 25% reduction in flows by 2040". The Panel emphasise the role of monitoring and maintenance as two key factors integral to the success of the SDAP.

ICE London and South East Water Panel Chair, Dave Wardle said of the Plan: "London is at an increased risk from surface water flooding as more permeable surfaces and green areas are paved over to make way for more residential and office space. This leads to large amounts of rainwater pouring into, and occasionally overloading, our sewerage system.

"This London-wide plan is therefore essential and ICE London is pleased to see the GLA working with various stakeholders to ensure that sustainable drainage is rolled out across the Capital. The Panel calls on the GLA to make sure effective monitoring and maintenance of sustainable drainage is at the heart of the Plan and we look forward to seeing its implementation over the coming years".

The ICE London and South East Water Panel, which prepared the response, brings together ICE members and other experts with knowledge and experience of water and wastewater matters. They are appointed to assess the evidence and arrive at a considered opinion on the best infrastructure solutions for the Capital on behalf of the Institution.

If you interested in finding out more about the work of the London and South East Water Panel, please email Max Sugarman:

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