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ICE Northern Ireland's various committees and groups bring together like-minded people and give members the opportunity to increase their knowledge, get advice, and raise the profile and standard of civil engineering.

Find out about the committees and groups that make up ICE Northern Ireland, including what they do, who are members and how you can get involved.

  • Northern Ireland Committee

    Sam Phillips, Chairman

    The Regional Committee is responsible for the work ICE does in Northern Ireland and meets six times a year.

    It has appointed a Regional Executive Board (REB) to work with the regional director to plan its aims, activities, and budget.

    Name Position Employer
    Sam Phillips Chairman Retired
    Philip Brown Immediate Past Chairman GRAHAM Construction
    John Glass Senior Vice Chair Translink
    Chris Caves Middle Vice Chair Arup
    Stephen Orr Junior Vice Chair Atkins
    Emer Murnaghan Vice Chair GRAHAM Construction
    Mark McGuigan Honorary Treasurer Translink
    Martyn Harvie Honorary Secretary Atkins
    Ciara Lappin Assistant Honorary Secretary Doran Consulting
    David Porter Regional Council Representative Department of Infrastructure
    Ciara Lappin Year 3 Corporate Representative Doran Consulting
    Kaine Lynch Year 3 Corporate Representative Department of Finance
    Peter Smyth Year 2 Corporate Representative Jacobs
    Niall Smith Year 2 Corporate Representative Donaghmore Construction
    Nigel Paine Year 1 Corporate Representative Farrans
    Kingsley Sunday Year 1 Corporate Representative Retired
    Peter Morrow EngTech Representative Amey
    Wendy Armstrong Chair - Health and Safety Group Dixons Contractors
    Brenda O'Loan Chair - Commerce & Contracts Group AECOM
    Kerri Dorman Chair - Graduates & Students AECOM
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Special interest groups

Special interest groups (SIGs) are a link between industry and ICE, helping us to provide information, training and best practice to our members. Members of SIGs are volunteers from a range of backgrounds within the profession. If you would like to get involved with any of the SIGs in Northern Ireland, please contact the relevant chair.

Commerce and Contracts

The ICE Northern Ireland Commerce and Contracts group aims to promote a better understanding of contract conditions, the legal framework within which they operate and the management procedures needed to deliver projects successfully. This group also provides training for members in the region who are preparing for ICE Law and Contracts exams.

Name Position Employer
Brenda O'Loan Chair AECOM
James Golden   Quigg Golden
Sean Bradley   Farrans
David McCune   AECOM

Digital Group

This group explores the themes of the Digital Catapult, focusing on new ways to work with personal data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cyber security and immersive technology.


Myra Lydon

Myra Lydon - In 2016 Dr Myra Lydon obtained her Doctorate in Structural Engineering specialising in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and fiber optic sensing systems. She is currently working as a research fellow at Queens University Belfast developing new camera based contact-less SHM methods.

Simon White

Simon White - Simon is a Chartered Civil Engineer who, over that last 20 years, has specialised in providing value added services in multidisciplinary design across a number of sectors both in the UK and internationally. He is now the Digital Director for Atkins' 3,000 strong Infrastructure division, shaping Atkins' approach to digital engineering, collaboration and automated design.

Melanie Dawson

Melanie Dawson - Melanie's combined design and construction experience has formed an excellent foundation to support her role as Head of BIM in Graham Construction. She manages the BIM ideas process collaboratively to deliver sustainable innovation through BIM. Melanie is a Leader in BIM integration and drives the progress of Graham Construction's BIM vision and objectives.

David Clark

David Clark - David Clark stands at the forefront of innovation within the McAvoy Group and has spent the last number of years dedicating himself to the industry shift towards digital construction and offsite technologies. David has ensured that The McAvoy Group is, and will remain, at the forefront of the digital revolution in the offsite construction industry across the UK and Ireland.

Aimee McCabe

Aimee McCabe - A recent graduate from Queen's University Belfast with a MEng in Structural Engineering with Architecture, Aimee's research project was focused on Immersive Technology in Structural Engineering. She now works on immersive technology at WDR & RT Taggart and has helped to bring projects to life using VR and AR.

Michael Shaw

Dr Michael Shaw - Michael has extensive experience in most aspects of maritime engineering relating to structural engineering projects. His experience of over 25 years encompasses harbour design, coastal defence structures, berthing facilities, cargo handling, infrastructure, aquaculture, marina development and renewable energy projects.

He is one of the very few Chartered Engineers who holds a HSE commercial diving certificate. Mike, using his diving experience in recent years has also become a renowned expert in the field of Accelerated Low Water Corrosion of marine structures and has sat on the CIRIA panel/steering committee for the publication of new guidelines on dealing with the problem.

Education and Inspiration

The ICE Northern Ireland Education and Inspiration Group is responsible for supporting ICE's activities with schools, careers fairs and any events aimed at school pupils.

Emer Murnaghan (Chair)
Ciara Lappin
Grace Curran
William Brown
Ciara Doherty
Jack Gault

Geotechnical Group

The Northern Ireland Geotechnical Group (NIGG) provides an opportunity for the local geotechnical community to meet, and organises technical meetings, seminars and occasional site visits.

Name Position Employer
Keri Fitzpatrick Chair Cassidy Geotechnical Ltd
Monica Steele Secretary Amey
Eoin Hughes Treasurer Byrne Looby
Laura Carse Member Arup
Simon Wells Member AECOM
Daniel O'Higgins Member Dawson WAM
William Brown Member Gavin Doherty Geosolutions
Noel Kelly Member AECOM
Gabriel Gallagher Member AECOM
Gifford Ferguson Member Ground Check
David Hughes Member QUB
Kaine Lynch Member TransportNI
Andrew Graham Member Doran Consulting
Clare Brennan Member Gavin Doherty Geosolutions

Interested in getting involved?

A simplified application process for UK Register of Ground Engineering Professionals (RoGEP) Professional Grade is available to members who submit their application within 12 months of becoming chartered by ICE

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety group shares knowledge and best practice with ICE members, industry and wider society, to ensure the highest standards of health and safety awareness. The group runs seminars and training courses on a number of health and safety-related topics.

Name Position
Wendy Armstrong Chair
Charlie Hutchison  
David Bramall  
Andrew Cooke  
Nancy Henry  
Laura Gallagher  
David Agnew  
John McCullagh  
Ron Coates  
Chris Toal  

Panel for Historical Engineering Works (PHEW)

The NI PHEW committee is responsible for identifying, recording and promoting historical works across the region. Committee members prepare and update record forms for historical sites in Northern Ireland, so they can be added to the central UK database of historical engineering works.

The committee encourages excellence in the conservation of significant works.

Name Position
Frank Robinson Chair
Dr Phil Donald  
Dr Michael Gould  
John McRobert  
Prof Adrian Long  
Ivor Pollock  

Civil Engineers' Club

The aim of the Civil Engineers’ Club is to promote social activities amongst Civil Engineers whether working or retired, and to provide an opportunity to meet up with colleagues outside their working environment.

For more information, please contact:

Jim Workman
N I Representative for The Civil Engineers’ Club

t: 028 2586 2344
m: 07531 522 331

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