Lower Thames Crossing consultation response

The ICE South East England Transport Panel and Kent and East Sussex Committee provides their response to Highways England’s Lower Thames Crossing Consultation

ICE South East England have responded to the consultation on the proposed new river crossing in the Thames Estuary, which will relieve the Dartford Crossing, increase the capacity of the local area and alleviate one of the UK's key trade corridors with Europe.

In the response, ICE South East England calls on Highways England to proceed with the construction of a tunnel crossing a Location C, to the East of Gravesend.

The response sets out the need for Highways England to ensure that the new crossing provides maximum benefits to the region by:

  • Considering future commuter needs for those travelling between Essex and Kent
  • Examining the best funding arrangements to ensure the best service for road users, most resilience and greatest cost-savings.
  • Reconsidering the C Variant; the widening of the A229, so that the approach to the new crossing does not become congested or overloaded.

ICE South East England also suggested that Highways England could consider the installation of an additional light rail link connecting the Tilbury loop line and the North Kent Railway so that commuters between the two sides of the river would no longer need to travel into London to reach their destination. Failing a commitment for a rail link, a Park and Ride scheme would provide suitable provisions for cyclists and pedestrians.

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