Developing a New Water Resource in the South East England Region, Discussion Paper

The ICE London and South East Water Panel’s Discussion Paper examines the various options for a new source of water supply in the South East.

The purpose of this Paper is to set out the ICE London and South East Water Panel's analysis of Thames Water's plans for future water supply, with further thoughts as to how the policy debate needs to developed, and to give a preliminary view of the options that have been put forward for further consideration.

The Paper examines the three options being investigated by Thames Water as part of its Water Resource Management Plan. These are: a reservoir at Abingdon, the transfer of raw water from the River Severn and a wastewater reuse site at Deephams or Beckton Sewage Treatment Works.

Initial analysis of the options has shown that an "Abingdon Reservoir would ensure a long term water supply" for the future and is, at some point "inevitable". However, with the Reservoir not deliverable before 2027/8 (when a gap in supply is predicted), the Panel call on Thames Water to consider other options and to continue their programme of water efficiency savings.

The Paper also calls on policy makers to begin a regional campaign to reduce water demand through public engagement and education.

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