Thames Estuary 2050 Growth Commission Call for Ideas Response

ICE London and South East England provide a response to the Thames Estuary Commission’s Call for Ideas

Set up after the 2015 Budget, the Thames Estuary 2050 Growth Commission is tasked with developing an ambitious vision and delivery plan for North Kent, South Essex and East London up to 2050.

Led by Lord Heseltine, the Commission launched a Call for Ideas in July 2015 in order to examine what the vision of the Thames Estuary should be.

In ICE London and South East England's response, we support the Commission's approach of creating high productivity clusters within the region, with a focus developing innovation in the construction and engineering sector to deliver high skilled employment, attractive communities to live and work in and economic growth.

In the response we also highlight the various challenges facing the Thames Estuary, including the need to increase connectivity, improve resilience and to bring private sector investment into the region. This will involve a number of measures such as looking at a number of transport and digital infrastructure projects, reviewing flood defence schemes and engaging with businesses.

ICE London and South East England would like to thank all who contributed to this consultation, including the ICE South East England Transport Panel and ICE Members who attended the meeting on 4th August.

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