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ICE's work in Wales is carried out by members on various committees and groups. These bring together like-minded people and give members the opportunity to increase their knowledge, get advice and raise the profile of civil engineering in Wales.

  • ICE Wales Cymru Main Committee

    Sarah Jones, Chairman

    ICE Wales Cymru is governed by its Main Committee and Executive Board. These committees control the regional finances, decide its priorities and plan the work it will do.

    The main committees are supported by elected sub-groups and branches, which you can find out more about here.

    Name Position
    Sarah Jones Chairman
    Matt Jones Vice-Chairman
    Yvonne Murphy Vice-Chairman
    Ken Evans Junior Vice-Chairman
    Steve Lawrence Past Chairman
    Keith Jones ICE Director
    Louise Bungay-Azman Honorary Secretary
    Nick Bebb Honorary Treasurer
    Elizabeth Bland Elected Members
    Robert Davies Elected Members
    Richard Bruten Elected Members
    Julian Kasprzyca Elected Members
    Kelly Croke Elected Members
    Nathan Duke Elected Members
    Natalie Newton Elected Members
    John Lee Elected Members
    Lilli Craemer Elected Members
    Evette Madani Elected Members
    Peter Burns Technician Member
    George Lance Chairman's Apprentice
    Michelle Cockburn Membership Manager for ICE SW & Wales
    Julien Wu G&S Rep
    Will Morgan (Vice Chair, G&S) G&S Deputy rep and GSNet Representative
    Julien Wu G&S Secretary
    Mike Lovegrove North Wales Branch Chairman
    Benjamin Poulton North Wales Branch Honorary Secretary
    Stephen K Jones PHEW Rep
    Jarmila Davies (Chairman REG) REG Chairman and Hon Secretary
    Jason Dixon (Chairman TEG) TEG Rep
    tbc TEG Honorary Secretary
    Ken Evans MEG Chairman
    Adrian Wilson MEG Honorary Secretary
    Tom St. John GEG Rep
    Claire Bennett GEG Honorary Secretary
    Lilli Craemer FIR Chair
    Rosie Collins FIR Hon Secretary
    Chris Craufurd Honorary Assistant Secretary (Project Awards Coordinator)
    Geoff Ogden Council Member for Wales
    Yvonne Murphy General Council Member
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  • North Wales Branch

    Mike Loveglove, Chair

    The ICE Wales Cymru North Wales branch is responsible for organising events and activities in North Wales. It has a separate Executive Committee.

    North Wales Branch meetings are held monthly, usually at Abergele, with an AGM in the Spring of each year.

    Name Position
    Mike Lovegrove Chairman
    John Mather Vice Chairman
    Peter Jones Past Chairman
    Benjamin Poulton Hon Secretary
    Elgan Williams G&S Chair
    Michelle Cockburn Ex officio
    Bob Daimond Ex officio
    Keith Jones Ex officio
    Steve Wintle Ex officio
    Adam Caldwell Member
    Andrew Basford Member
    Edward Nash Member
    Neil Jones Member
    Kyle Salt Member
    Louise Duff Member
    Geraint Edwards Member
    Mike Gilbert Member
    Richard Griffiths Member
    Huw Jones Member
    Hywel Jones Member
    Tim Mitchell Member
    Rob Owen Member
    Owain Thomas Member
    Mark Valentine Member
    Mike Wellington Member
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  • Graduate and Student Committee

    Julien Wu, Chair

    The ICE Wales Cymru Graduates and Students Committee represents ICE members in Wales, who are working towards their professional qualifications at technician, incorporated and chartered grade.

    The group organises meetings for members to talk about their work and interests, and to share knowledge. It holds a Written Exercise Group to help members who are preparing for their Professional Review and arranges events (including talks and lectures) to promote the civil engineering profession

    Name Position
    Julien Wu Chair
    Gillian Steele Past Chair
    Will Morgan Vice Chair
    Sam Percival Secretary
    Will Morgan GSNet Rep
    Aodhan Teague Treasurer
    George Lance Swansea City Club (SCC) Chair
    Scott Wilson SCC Vice-Chair
    Vacant SCC Secretary
    Elgan Williams NWG Chair
    Owain Thomas NWG Secretary
    Robyn Williams Social Secretary/Social Media
    Elliot Cooke Student Liaisons, Cardiff Uni
    Abi Voyce Student Liaisons, Cardiff Uni
    Luke Cook Student Liaisons, Swansea Uni
    Robyn Williams Student Liaisons
    Julien Wu Student Liaisons, USW
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Special interest groups

The Wales Cymru special interest groups (SIGs) focus on particular aspects of civil engineering. The groups are run by members on a voluntary basis, and provide an opportunity to discuss topics, share knowledge and meet up for social activities.

Ground Engineering Group

The Ground Engineering Group organises various activities throughout the year and co-hosts events with other engineering organisations in South Wales.

If you'd like to find out more about the group, please email the Honorary Secretary Jack Blake:

Name Employer Position
Mike Harbottle Cardiff University Chair
Thomas St John CH2M Hill Vice Chair
Jack Blake Atkins Honorary Secretary
Paul Connolly WSP-PB Committee member
Josh Jones E S International Committee member
Emma Britton Univ. South Wales Committee member
Jamie Lancaster Arup Committee member
Philip Renforth Cardiff University Committee member
Eric Wu WSP Committee member
Mario Unas WSP-PB Committee member
Ian Mach Arup Committee member
Alessandro Viviani CH2M Hill Committee member

Municipal Engineers Group

The Municipal Engineers Group (MEG) promotes the specialist area of municipal engineering in Wales. It holds meetings every two months, usually at the St. Mary's Hotel, Pencoed, to plan the events and provide an opportunity for members to discuss issues related to municipal engineering.

One of the highlights of MEG's annual calendar is the Brunel Lecture, which is held every October at The Orangery, Margam Park. The group also organises a CPD seminar and an annual Chairman's Dinner.

For more information on MEG, please get in touch with the Honorary Secretary, Adrian Wilson, on

Name Position
Ken Evans Chair 2015-16
Paul Keeble Past Chairman
Paul Rees Honorary Secretary
Adrian Wilson Assistant Honorary Secretary
Alan Perry Brunel Luncheon
Ellen Axon ICE Communications Competition
Jon Dutton MEG Chairman's Dinner
Keith Jones Director: ICE Wales Cymru
Paul Keeble Municipal Expert Panel:ICE London
Bill Ward Committee
Alan Perry Committee
Stewart Burgess Committee
Chris Nicholls Committee
Chris Pike Committee
Matt Russell Committee
Richard Daly Committee
John Porter Committee

Interested in getting involved?

The MEG AGM is held each year in the autumn.

Retired Engineers Group

The Retired Engineers Group provides an opportunity for retired engineers in Wales to stay involved in the profession and with ICE.

It holds various networking events and also prepares consultation responses. Its meetings are normally held on the first Monday of every month at the ICE Wales Cymru Offices, Cambrian Buildings, Cardiff Bay. The group's events can be found in ICE Wales Cymru Calendar.

If you'd like to find out more or to get involved with the group, please email the Honorary Secretary, Jarmila Davies, on

Name Position Employer LinkedIn
Jarmila Davies (Chairman REG) REG Chairman and Hon Secretary Retired LinkedIn profile

Transport Engineering Group

The Transport Engineering Group organises networking opportunities, learned society events and consultation responses for engineers working in the transport and transportation sector.

Meetings are generally held every two months at the ICE Wales Cymru Offices, Cambrian Buildings, Cardiff Bay.. Evening lectures and learned society events can be found in ICE Wales Cymru Calendar.

Name Position
Jason Dixon Chairman
Rhian Watts Honorary Secretary
Nick Bebb Corresponding Member
John Mather Corresponding Member
Suzanne Pritchard  
Keith Jones  
Alan Davies  
Miriam Highgate  
Nina Ley  
Julie Hunt  
Angela Smith  
Chris Laurence  
Shanshan Radford  
Owen Clark  

Fairness, Inclusion and Respect

The Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR) Group is responsible for raising the profile and sharing best practice of fairness, inclusion and respect, as well as facilitating and supporting the embedment of fairness, inclusion and respect as a factor to be considered in all activities undertaken by ICE Wales Cymru. Its mission is to promote and oversee the delivery of The Institution's vision for Fairness, Inclusion and Respect:

"Valuing the diversity that individuals with differing backgrounds and abilities bring to the Institution; respecting all members and applicants through fairness, tolerance and consistency of professional standards; ensuring that professional qualification and membership of ICE is open to all who meet its standards."

Name Position
Lilli Craemer Chair
Elizabeth Bland Vice-Chair
Rosie Jay Secretary
Keith Jones ICE Wales Cymru Director
Geoff Ogden Council Member
Mousa Dahabreh G&S Representative
Christina Kio GSNet Representative
Emma Tamplin Chwarae Teg representative
Hade Turkmen Chwarae Teg representative
Louise Bungay ICE Wales Cymru Committee Honorary Secretary
Mari Arthur Cynnal Cymru Co Director
Helen Kane RICS Wales Chair
Pierre Grigorian Co-opted Member
Leanne Marques Co-opted Member
Phillip Gammond Co-opted Member
Amie Cowle Co-opted Member
Nathan Duke Co-opted Member
Ryan Harvey Co-opted Member
Kirsten Huesch Co-opted Member
Julian John Co-opted Member

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