Become an ICE reviewer

ICE reviewers are vital to what we do. They assess candidates who want to become professional qualified members and encourage high standards in the profession.

ICE members sitting their professional review
ICE members sitting their professional review

We need experienced, professionally qualified ICE members to assess candidates taking their Professional Review.

Helping to qualify graduates and technicians gives our reviewers a real sense of personal satisfaction. Without them, we wouldn't be able to carry out our main role. Reviewers also help members to develop their careers and the industry to get the supply and standard of professionals it needs.

As a reviewer, you're developing your interviewing and critical thinking skills all the time too. And there's also a lot you can learn about technical innovation and progress in the industry from bright candidates.

Reviewers always work in pairs, so you'll also get the opportunity to build relationships with your peers. Both of you will prepare questions based on the candidate's report, interview them and provide feedback.

How do you become an ICE reviewer?

Other reviewers, ICE committee or panel members, or ICE staff can recommend experienced ICE members to be reviewers. Our Professional Review Panel appoints reviewers.

What makes a good reviewer?

Our reviewers have a great set of skills. They have the:

  • Attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and background knowledge to ask fair yet robust questions
  • Experience to create the right environment so candidates give their best in their interview
  • Objectivity to judge against set criteria and keep an open mind throughout the process
  • Right mix of a strong-minded approach and the ability to make balanced decisions

What do reviewers need to do?

When you become a reviewer, we ask you to:

  • Attend a new reviewer training day and observe a Professional Review
  • Do at least six reviews over two sessions in the first 12 months (paired with experienced reviewers)

After the first year, we recommend that reviewers commit to at least one review day per year. Reviewers also need to occasionally attend refresher training courses.

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