British Geotechnical Association

The British Geotechnical Association (BGA) specialises in how soil mechanics, rock mechanics and geology are applied to engineering.

The BGA is a member of Ground Forum. It's also the UK representative of the International Society for Rock Mechanics and the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE).

The BGA organises regular technical discussions on a wide range of topics related to ground engineering, including:

  • The principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics to investigate subsurface conditions and materials
  • Slope stability
  • Risk assessment of site conditions
  • Earthworks and foundation construction

Meet the panel

The Ground Engineering panel is made up of a variety of industry experts. Find out more about our panel chair and details of the panel's members.

  • Panel chair: Dr Martin Preene

    British Geotechnical Association

    Dr Martin Preene is Chairman of the British Geotechnical Association (BGA). He is a geotechnical engineer specialising in the geotechnical problems caused by groundwater, with more than 30 years’ experience with contractors and consultants worldwide. Dr Preene is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Geologist and UK Registered Ground Engineering Adviser. He has wide professional interests in geotechnical engineering and is the author of one textbook, more than 50 papers, and several industry guidance documents.


Other panel members

Panel member name Role Employer
Martin Preene Chairman Preene Groundwater Consulting Ltd
Kelvin Higgins Vice Chairman (and Elected Member) Geotechnical Consulting Group
Nick Armstrong Honorary Secretary Fugro
Yvonne Ainsworth Hon Treasurer ATD Engineering Excellence
Fleur Loveridge Hon Communications Officer University of Leeds
Patrick Cox Elected Member AECOM
Ray Hobbs Elected Member Consultant
Sergio Solera Elected Member Mott MacDonald
Vincent Nyambayo Elected Member Atkins
Susan Pollard Elected Member Atkins
David Toll Elected Member University of Durham
Matthew Coop Elected Member University College London
David Waring Elected Member BP Exploration
Hugo Wood Elected Member COWI
Tracy Radford Representative of the Geological Society of London Atkins
Martin S Griffin Representative of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining
Paul Perry Representative of the British Tunnelling Society Hewson Consulting Engineers
James Lawrence Co-opted member - Rankine Lecture & and Dinner  Co-ordinator Imperial College London
John Coggan Co-opted member - ISRM University of Exeter
Francesca Waldron Co-opted Member - Early Career Group Chairwoman Mott MacDonald
Tony Bowerman Co-opted Member - Early Career Group Secretary Atkins
Pete Reading Co-opted Member - Technicians Peter Reading Geotechnical Consulting Ltd
Neil Smith Co-opted Member - International Societies Applied Geotechnical Engineering
Pete Ingram Continuing Member - Website Arup
Rob Talby Co-opted member – 70th anniversary Mott MacDonald
Graham Taylor Continuing Member
Chaido (Yuli) Doulala-Rigby Guest member - IGS UK Chairman Tensar
Adam Latimer Guest member - The Association of Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS) Ian Farmer & Co Ltd
Andrew Ridley Guest Member - FMGM Geotechnical Observations
Neil Taylor Honorary Member - ISSMGE City University
Robert Mair Extraordinary Honorary Member University of Cambridge
Shelagh Fleming ICE Secretariat Institution of Civil Engineers

What are we working on?

The BGA has now reverted to holding its annual conference, exhibition and AGM in June at ICE at One Great George Street, London and, keen to encourage young engineers, finds space in the busy programme for the Cooling Prize and Masters Dissertation Prize Winners to present their papers to the membership. At the other end of the scale geotechnical engineers who have made a significant contribution to the industry are also recognised.

The Early Career Group continues to go from strength to strength and their events now feature alongside those organised by the main Committee, which is itself expanding the schedule to provide additional knowledge exchange and networking opportunities for its members as well as stimulating competitions. The current schedule includes varied and interesting lectures which, with geotechnics being fundamental to infrastructure and development, appeal to a wide audience.

The Association is launching a regular biennial technical conference allowing specific areas of geotechnics to be explored in greater detail The inaugural event will be "Chalk 2018: Engineering in Chalk:", a two-day conference with parallel sessions to be held at Imperial College London on 17 and 18 September 2018. Progress is being made on developing its successor, on a different topic, for 2020.

The BGA is also looking forward to celebrating two important milestones in 2019 with the 50th Anniversary of the award of the Cooling Prize, set up by Dr Leonard Cooling to help young engineers hone their presentation skills, in March and the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of the Association later in the year.

The BGA and its members regularly contribute to a number of ICE publications. You can find out more about these by visiting the links below:

The BGA holds annual joint lectures and works closely with other groups like the Engineering Group of the Geological Society and the International Geosynthetics Society. They also organise collaborative events with the British Tunnelling Society and the Offshore Engineering Society.