Resource Management Panel

Whether related to waste, energy or building capacity and skills – our grouped expertise cuts across this vast sector.

The panel works with ICE staff to help deliver a wealth of civil engineering knowledge. This includes:

  • Influencing ICE's policy statements in areas such as waste management, resource recovery, and energy from waste;
  • Building capacity and skills;
  • Producing research and best practice guidance for the sector.

Meet the panel

The Resource Management panel is made up of a variety of industry experts. Find out more about our panel chair and details of the panel's members.

  • Panel chair: David Greenfield

    Resource Management Panel

    Specialising in strategic environmental project and programme development, procurement advice, efficiency and improvement advice and political understanding and critiquing, David is Managing Director of SOENECS Ltd offering environmental and resource efficiency solutions to Governments, Local Waste Partnerships and other stakeholders.


Other panel members

Panel member name Employer
Neil Grundon Grundon
Margaret Bates University of Northampton
Julia Barrett Wilmott Dixon
Jeremy Seldon Independent consultant
Jane Hughes Suffolk County Council
Gareth Davies (Graduate Member) Crossrail
Nigel Mattravers ALBA Group
Andy Street SLR Consulting
Gavin Miller ICE Waste Policy Manager
Jeff Cooper Consultant
Ross Hilliard RDH Environment and Energy
Tracy Moffatt CIWM

What are we working on?

The panel is working to progress the recommendations from the State of the Nation Waste (2011) and Infrastructure (2014). This includes:

  • calling for a Circular Economy to be at the centre of Government policy across the UK;
  • the creation of an Office for Resource Management within the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills to provide strategic leadership on resource management;
  • the creation of a policy, regulatory and commercial environment that encourages private investment in waste reprocessing infrastructure, serving the UK's waste streams.

Resource Management Engineering Panel site visit to an MBT Waste Facility

"One man's rubbish, is another man's gold!"

The Resource Management Engineering Panel (RMEP) combined their panel meeting in May 2016 with a site visit to the Biffa MBT (Mechanical Biological Treatment) Waste facility, North of Horsham which works in partnership with West Sussex County Council. The facility aims to minimise the waste sent to landfill in line with the Landfill Directive.

The panel were able to view the mechanical recovery of both recyclable material and residual waste for RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel - an output mainly comprised of a mixture of paper, plastics and cardboard) with any biodegradable material (e.g. food waste) being transferred to the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant where it is treated to generate heat and electricity.

This heat and electricity is used for the pasteurisation process as well as to power the plant and some of the electricity is exported to the national grid for use in homes. A by-product of the AD process is a compost-like material, which can be utilised as a restoration soil. In addition, the facility uses magnetic separators to remove metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) from 'black bag' waste and this is sent for recycling.

Reusing nutrients in these ways links to the concept of a circular economy i.e. an economy based on keeping resources in use for as long as possible.

Special thanks were given to panel member, Ross Hilliard and the staff at the Waste facility for making the tour possible. Not only was it educational and interesting, it highlighted the important issues of recycling and better awareness of our environment. Each individual has the capacity and ability to make a difference to the beautiful world we live in!

More information on the facility and processes can be found at: