How we work

As an organisation, we are committed to upholding high standards of ethical and professional working practices, as are our members. These standards are outlined in our working policies.

Graduate members of ICE on a visit with former ICE President Barry Clarke
Graduate members of ICE on a visit with former ICE President Barry Clarke

Equality and diversity policy

We value diversity and work hard to create an environment free from harassment and discrimination.

We also ensure that ICE membership is open to all who meet the standards, regardless of individuals' differing backgrounds and abilities.

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Conduct policy

Members of ICE work to the highest standards of professionalism.

They are bound by our Code of Professional Conduct, which keeps public trust in civil engineers high and increases respect for the profession.

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ICE Gender Pay Gap

As a membership organisation and an employer, ICE values diversity and inclusivity. We believe that workplaces thrive where there is greater diversity, inclusion and gender balance and ICE works hard to create a culture where all of our people are treated equally. ICE exists to help civil engineers to tackle the challenges facing society. We are best placed to do this when the people who work for us are representative of society.

Whilst the exercise to produce this report has been driven by government legislation, we are pleased that it has allowed us to refocus on the areas on which we need to concentrate to ensure that we strive for balance. As a consequence of the report, we are putting in place some recommendations to address this issue and whilst it will not be a quick process, we are committed to making sure that our employment practices are as flexible as possible so that we may remove any possible barriers to women taking up positions at the very top of our organisation.