Council minutes and summaries

Our council meets four times a year to set our policy and future plans. If you're an ICE member, you can access minutes from council meetings. If you're just interested in finding out more about what goes on, we also produce a summary of each meeting.

Council minutes

Council minutes are published to our website following formal approval of the minutes by council at the subsequent meeting.

The web version includes the full minutes of open council meetings, with the exception of minor comments and amendments.

If you're a member of ICE, simply login to the site using the prompt at the top of this page and you'll be able to access and download recent minutes.

Council summaries

Following each meeting of council, a brief note summarising what was discussed and any actions to be taken is produced and made available to members and the public. If you're interested in finding out more, simply select a summary note below and download.

Annual General Meeting minutes

Special General Meeting