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ICE Hong Kong


The ICE HKA has recently introduced two new initiatives to promote knowledge exchange. They are Technical Report Prize and ICE HKA sponsorship for attending international or regional conferences.

Recognising individual achievement

Our Hong Kong branch organises and supports awards which showcase the outstanding achievements of ICE members.

Technical Report Prize

This Prize is awarded to members who prepare reports of a high standard on a designated technical meeting, conference/seminar, breakfast forum, or site visit organised by the ICE HKA.

Student and graduate members as well as other members who attained their professional status within five years before the event are eligible to enter.

Winners will be given a prize of HK$500, or granted free attendance at the ICE HKA Annual Conference or Annual Dinner.

More information

For more information, please refer to the Technical Report Prize Rules.

Conference Sponsorship

The establishment of the ICE HKA sponsorship for members who attend international or regional conferences on topics within the realm of civil engineering. The purpose of the sponsorship is to encourage Hong Kong-based ICE members to participate in these events in order to broaden their knowledge and learn from experience in local or overseas projects.

Hong Kong-based ICE member of all grades are eligible to apply. Successful applicants will be awarded up to 100% of the cost of conference attendance, excluding travel and accommodation expenses.

More information

Please refer to the Information Pack for more details.

Entry form


  1. ICE HKA Conference Sponsorship application form
  2. The Conference Report of first sponsored applicant
  3. The Conference Report of Eugene Wong

ICE HKA desires to sponsor ICE Members on overseas delegation tours / activities organised by ICE HKA.

The purpose of the sponsorship is to broaden the Members’ exposure to the latest overseas civil engineering developments and the foreign culture.

Valid ICE Corporate Members (i.e. MICE or FICE) and Technician Members are eligible to apply. Sponsorship for an individual applicant shall be awarded up to 50% of the actual cost of the event up to a ceiling of HK$ 4,000.

More information and Application

Please refer to the guidelines for more details.

Shaping Our Future City is an annual event of the Institution of Civil Engineers Hong Kong Association Graduates and Students (ICE HKA G&S) Division, which offers a unique and structured learning opportunity for senior secondary school students (Form 4 to Form 5) to learn more about the engineering profession.

As part of STEM education, this campaign would include talks, workshops, and site visits that can provide students with a more comprehensive view of engineering subjects and stimulate their minds in science and technology. The campaign also aims at conveying ideas to our young generation that civil engineering works are vital to the prosperity and success of our society.

Another highlight of Shaping Our Future City 2024 would be the inter-school scenario-based competition themed ‘New stories to old storeys’. This year, students will work in teams with young engineers to redevelop a public housing estate where a relic is sitting nearby and design a community for sustainable living. The project is motivated by the pressing ageing housing issue in Hong Kong and ICE's belief in the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

There will also be a series of site visits, theme talks and workshops hosted by industry experts where students will see what a career in engineering and technology would be like.

In addition, students will be able to learn more about future Hong Kong engineering challenges and interact with professionals who have rewarding engineering careers.

This will allow the students to consolidate their STEM knowledge learned at school, develop their creativity and experience the day-to-day job of a civil engineer. The winning team of this competition would be entitled to HKD $5,000 of book vouchers.

The campaign this year will comprise four events:

Event Date Time
Opening ceremony 18 February 2024 09:00 - 17:30
Old storeys: engineering skills day 02 March 2024 09:00 - 17:00
New stories: engineering skills day 06 April 2024 09:00 - 17:00
Competition presentation 18 May 2024 09:00 - 16:30

For details, please refer to the information package.

To enter, please fill in the enrolment form and email it to [email protected] 

An invitation has been sent to principals of schools in Hong Kong via the Education Bureau’s Business-School Partnership Programme. For enquiries, please feel free to contact Mr Jerry Ng on +852 9713 9232 or via email at [email protected] or [email protected]

ICE HKA G&S reserves all rights of the competition except the result of judgement in case there is any dispute.

This year's Communications Competition for Graduate and Student Members of ICE in Hong Kong is now open for applications.

The competition, which originated from the UK, aims to help young members to develop the skills and techniques for public consultation.

Competitors will be showcasing their presentation skills as they deliver a proposal on a hypothetical civil engineering project at a mock public consultation meeting. They will also need to win the support of judges and members of the audience as they address questions on the potential impacts on various potential stakeholders.

Conditions of entry:
  • Each team shall be formed by four to six members with at least two participants being current ICE Student or Graduate Members (including those working towards technician membership).
  • No team member shall possess more than seven years of industry experience (maximum of 10 years of industry experience for those working towards technician membership).
  • Teams may enter the competition again subject to meeting other terms of conditions.

The competition consists of written tasks and a 30-minute interactive mock consultation forum.

In addition to the presentation, the teams shall prepare the following documents for the mock consultation meeting. The project scenario will be released once the application is closed.

Submission documents
  • Consultation strategy report
  • Public information leaflet
  • Executive summary

For details, please refer to the information package.

Key dates

Application deadline: 10 November 2023

Release of the project scenario: 13 November 2023

Submission deadline of EOI: 27 November 2023

Submission deadline of other printed deliverables: 12 January 2024

Date of final (mock public consultation meeting): 20 January 2024

Register for the Communications Competition 2023 – 2024


Champion – cash prize of HKD$2,500 and certificates

First runner-up – cash prize of HKD$1,500 and certificates

Second runner-up – cash prize of HKD$1,000 and certificates

Best presenter award – cash prize of HKD$500 and certificate

*You may register online for free Student Membership and Graduate Membership. Application to the competition is valid as long as the membership registration is submitted on or before 10 November 2023. Should you have any enquiries on membership, please feel free to contact the Membership Development Team on +852 3153 4185 or at [email protected] for assistance.

**In case of overwhelming responses, a shortlisting mechanism will be introduced and notified to successful applicants. For details, please refer to the information package.

For enquiry, please feel free to contact Ms Sonia Lam on +852 6671 6575 or via email at [email protected] or [email protected] for any enquiries.

ICE HKA G&S reserves all rights of the competition except the result of judgement in case there is any dispute.

The Model Building Competition is a team-based competition for civil engineering undergraduates where they would put knowledge from lectures into practice by designing and building structural models. This is the perfect occasion for undergraduate students to develop a passion for engineering as they put their creativity, problem-solving skills, and workmanship to the test. Participating students are also required to briefly introduce their design, referencing the engineering principles applied and their idea-generation process.

The theme of Model Building Competition 2024 is ‘Structural design of bridge against wind load’. Participants are required to build a model with balsa wood within a limited time. The model will be tested by fixing it in the wind tunnel machine.

  • Teams must be formed by full-time undergraduate students.
  • Four to six members are allowed in one team.
  • All team members must be Student Members of the Institution of Civil Engineers.
  • Contestants from previous years are allowed to join the competition.
  • If there are more than eight teams registered successfully, contestants will be selected by a draw.
  • A refundable deposit of HKD $100 per team will be collected during registration. This deposit will be refundable if the team is not enrolled in the competition.
Competition format

The competition is divided into three parts, namely model building, testing and presentation. The project specifications, rules, and judging criteria will be made available to successful teams after registration.

Model building session:

Each team will be given 210 minutes to complete the model, which shall conform to the specifications provided. Teams shall follow the rules and conditions of the competition, and use only materials and tools provided by the organising committee. A penalty will be imposed if teams work beyond the allocated time or fail to observe the rules and conditions. Teams will also be penalised if their model does not comply with the specifications.


Details of the test procedures will be provided in the specifications. The performance of the model will be assessed based on (i) taking physical measurements and (ii) visually assessing the structural integrity.

All tests will be performed by ICE HKA G&S Model Building Competition 2024 organising committee under the witness of honourable judges.


Each team is given seven minutes to briefly introduce their design, referencing the engineering principles applied and their idea generation process. The presentation shall be delivered entirely in English, and a penalty will be imposed if the presentation exceeds the allowed time. Innovative designs will also be recognised by extra credits.

For more details, please refer to information package.

Key dates
  • Application deadline: 15 December 2023 (Friday)
  • Date of competition: 23 March 2024 (Saturday)

Register for the Model Building Competition 2024


The following cash prizes will be awarded to the following teams:

  • Winner - HKD $2,000 and certificates
  • First runner-up - HKD $1,500 and certificates
  • Second runner-up - HKD $1,000 and certificates
  • Best presentation team- HKD $500 and certificates

*Eligible students may register here for free student membership.

Please feel free to contact Mr Enoch Lee at +852 6893 1860 or via email at [email protected] / [email protected] for any enquiries.

ICE HKA G&S reserves all rights of the competition except the result of the competition, which shall be at the discretion of the judges.

Emerging Engineers Award

The Emerging Engineers Award promotes and rewards excellence in the originality and communication of civil engineering ideas and research.