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ICE Scotland works to help inspire young people and get them interested in a career in civil engineering. We offer a range of educational activities for schools and resources for careers events.

We can give advice and guidance if you're wondering what subjects to study at school, college or university.

We also provide resources and support for teachers, and other people looking to promote civil engineering.

ICE Scotland has a wide range of materials for people living in the region and working with local schools and colleges.

ICE Scotland offer a range of educational activities for schools and resources for careers events.
Provision of these intiatives varies across Scotland depending on the availability of volunteers.
If you are a teacher interested in booking an activity please contact the ICE Scotland office.

Education & resources

In your region

Find out more about some of the activities we run and support across Scotland.

Whilst we do our best to accommodate all requests, activities are dependent upon volunteers being available. If you'd like more information or want to book an activity then please contact us.

School activities

Flood Risk Activity (first & second level)

flood risk activity

This classroom based activity introduces primary school pupils to the idea that civil engineers work in our communities to help prevent flooding. The pupils learn about land use and sustainable urban drainage using easily sourced materials.

Giant Tetrahedron (second level)

Giant tetrahedron

A fun activity which uses maths, science and teamwork skills to build a structure 4m high! Using simple materials, a P6/7 class can learn about civil engineering and work together to construct a 4m high tetrahedron - far bigger than any one of them could manage by themselves.

Rapid Response Engineering Challenge (third level)

The Rapid Response Engineering Challenge is an interdisciplinary, problem solving activity for S1/2 pupils, which challenges them to consider the engineering assistance required to restore basic life systems after a natural disaster. It is ideally suited to Curriculum for Excellence and links well with resilience education topics.

Civil Engineers - working towards Net-Zero: A careers presentation for senior pupils


In this short film Gavin, Julie, Mario and Erin will tell you about their careers as civil engineers. They’ll cover the wide variety of work involved, how what they do impacts climate change and tell you about the many routes into the profession.

This 11 minute presentation is aimed at senior school pupils in Scotland. If you have any further questions about civil engineering as a career, please get in touch with [email protected].

What is Civil Engineering: A careers presentation for senior pupils

paul dyke

Hear from Paul, Aaron & Josh about their careers as civil engineers. They’ll explain about some of the different branches of civil engineering and what they get out of the job.

This 14 minute careers presentation is aimed at senior school pupils in Scotland. If you have any further questions about civil engineering as a career, please get in touch with [email protected].

What do you need to do to become a civil engineer?

If you're interested in a university or college course in civil engineering, it's important to make sure that the course you choose is 'accredited'. This means that it meets the Engineering Council's quality and curriculum standards.

Having accredited academic qualifications will make it easier for you to become professionally qualified as a chartered engineer (CEng), incorporated engineer (IEng), or engineering technician (EngTech).

Use our course search to find accredited courses throughout the UK.

Search your course

Opportunities in your region

ICE Scotland has strong links with higher education institution in the region that offers accredited engineering courses.

It's Graduates & Students Committee organises a wide range of events - many of which are free - with universities and colleges to encourage students to join in, and to develop their knowledge and skills.

ICE Scotland has close ties with the following institutions in the region:



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We're looking for members who can talk passionately about the industry and are keen to work with children and young people.

UK based members can get started by simply signing up with STEM Learning for child safeguarding checks and training.

When you register with STEM Learning please make sure you select the option that allows them to share your details with us, so we can include you in our list of ICE STEM Ambassadors.

There are lots of opportunities to volunteer for some school & community engagement. If you can help out with any of these, or would like more information on volunteering, please contact Alison Ward.


  • St Machar Academy, Aberdeen, are having a Construction Day for their S1 pupils. Could you run a short activity for groups over a couple of hours on Wednesday 01 May.
  • Forrester High School, Edinburgh , Edinburgh would like an activity for their S1-3 pupils on Wednesday 08 May and/or Thursday 09 May from 8.40am to 3.35pm
  • St Stephen’s High School Port Glasgow, would like an engineer to attend their STEM evening on Thursday 09 May from 6pm to 8pm.
  • STEM at the Helix schools day is part of the Falkirk Science Festival on Friday 10 May. Could you run a 45 minute activity  throughout the day?
  • STEM at the Helix public day is also part of the Falkirk Science Festival on Saturday 11 May from 11am to 4pm. Could you run a drop-in activity (provided)?
  • Morrison's Academy Crieff, are having a Primary STEM Day on Saturday 11 May, from 10am to 2pm. Could you run an interactive activity for families?
  • Ayr Schools are having a P7 Careers Fair on Thursday 16 May. Could you be there to speak to young people about civil engineering as a career?
  • Bang Goes D&G is the STEM Festival in Dumfries on Wednesday 29 May. Could you run an interactive activity throughout the day?

Who to contact

Alison Ward

Education & inspiration coordinator

Alison provides much needed support to ICE STEM volunteers who are helping to bring the exciting world of civil engineering into the classroom. She promotes civil engineering, and paths to the profession, to younger people at all ages. Alison has previously qualified and worked as both a civil engineer and technical teacher.

Alison Ward

Looking to develop yourself further?

We provide a range of professional development training courses to help you develop further.