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Community Engagement Community of Practice

Community Engagement during planning, construction and operation is an area of increasing priority, requiring a stronger evidence base to develop and share best practice.

Only by working together and truly engaging the public, can we bring about change and deliver more resilient, sustainable cities and infrastructure.

The COP for Community Engagement provides a network of engineers, stakeholder engagement specialists, researchers and infrastructure professionals who are committed to sharing knowledge and improving how we engage with the public throughout the infrastructure asset lifecycle.

The COP is coordinated by a leadership group who work with ICE staff to develop knowledge in this area. This includes:

  • Supporting the Institution’s professional development activity and projects.
  • Supporting research, events, networking for professionals in the sector.
  • Influencing ICE's policy statements and insights activity.

Key interest areas

The Community of Practice is coordinating its members for support developing knowledge in the following three areas:

  1. Case studies and guidance
    To develop new and identify existing case studies and guidance which support ICE activity promoting good practice for community and stakeholder engagement. This should include:
    • Written (or other) case studies of good practice where successful community engagement has been practiced where more successful outcomes can be evidenced
    • Good practice guidance in response to ICE recommendations, or in support of ICE tech-talks or related activity
  2. Community experience of infrastructure
    To facilitate and enable sharing and mutual support of communities in relation to infrastructure development. We expect to achieve this through:
    • Synthesising findings from existing research about community experiences of infrastructure development in an accessible way
    • Collating case studies of current community and infrastructure providers’ experiences of contemporary infrastructure developments through video interviews/ focus groups
    • Provide materials that could support communities facing infrastructure development
  3. Challenges to good practice of community engagement

    There are some excellent examples of community engagement in infrastructure projects, but a systemic, industry-wide approach to good practice, for example engaging communities from the infrastructure need stage, is missing. This does not only relate to a project cycle basis, but also to a strategic level concerning every type of organisation involved in infrastructure planning at local, regional and national scales.

    To identify the key challenges that stop community engagement from being considered holistically from scoping, planning to completion at various scales (project/programme/local/regional/national).

    This will enable the ICE Community of Practice on Community Engagement to facilitate the development of robust guidance and recommendations on how to implement systemic good practice in community engagement, and which pitfalls to avoid.

Community Advisory Boards

Our Communities of Practice are provided with guidance and direction from Community Advisory Boards, which have been tasked by ICE Council with driving the development of the Institution’s knowledge programmes and insights activity in alignment with key elements of the Institution’s strategic plan.

Join the community

ICE needs your help to build and develop its expert technical and practical knowledge. As an expert member of the community, you will be able to share knowledge, thoughts and experiences with like-minded professionals and collaborate with others to help achieve the community’s vision.

COP members do not have to be ICE members, but they must have appropriate knowledge skills and expertise in alignment with the vision of this community.

Communication between the COP shall be facilitated through a dedicated Microsoft Teams group, providing the opportunity to communicate with ICE and professionals with a shared interest in the COP’s objectives.

If you are committed to supporting the development of knowledge, standards, insights, policy and guidance for this area, then we want to hear from you.

How to join

If you are an engineer or infrastructure professional working with a passion for the effective design, management and construction of transport infrastructure and interested in joining the Community of Practice to support the development of ICE activity, please contact our knowledge team.

Contact our experts

If you have a question for our Community Engagement Community of Practice, are interested in adding your input to the community, or require details on the communities output, then let us know.