Negotiation skills, Belfast

20 October, 2016 | 09:00 - 17:00

Venue address:

Riddel Hall
185 Stranmillis Road
United Kingdom

About this event

Negotiating is a skill in its own right. Without the right skills, people tend to avoid negotiation, settle for too little or give in too soon. The aim of this workshop is to enable delegates to negotiate assertively both internally and externally and to reach agreements which are smoother and longer lasting.

Course objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Say why people behave in particular ways in negotiating situations
  • Use new behaviours and principles to improve their negotiating skills
  • Effectively manage the competitive and collaborative aspects of negotiation
  • Apply a structural process for collaborative negotiations


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Chris Gale is hugely experienced management & leadership trainer and coach, having enjoyed a long and successful career in sales management, sales directorship and commercial directorship roles. He is currently working with The Royal Mail on a culture change programme to shift from bureaucracy to commercial focus and it also designing an innovation, creative thinking and problem solving programme for 500 managers in a state run bank in Qatar. During his career Chris has held positions as Commercial Director at Coventry University & Tarmac Lafarge.

Chris will be joined throughout the day by actors to role play scenarios which will help delegates get the most from the course.

Course Content

  • Definitions of negotiation
  • Why some people dislike negotiating
  • Negotiating at work (and home!)
  • Negotiation styles - defeat, collaborate, accommodate, withdraw, compromise
  • Competitive vs collaborative negotiation - principles, styles, behaviours
  • Positioning, tone, style, behaviours for successful negotiation
  • Considering personalities and characters in negotiation
  • Case Study / role-play 1 - I need to sell some doors, you need to buy some doors!
  • Claiming value - low / high value concessions / negotiable
  • The power of effective preparation in negotiation
  • MFO (most favourable outcome) & WAP (walk away point)
  • Knowing your negotiable - fixed / variable, high / low value perceptions
  • The BATNA - the ‘best alternative to a negotiated achievement’
  • Case study / role-play 2 - Walkers on my land / Walkers on old railway tracks
  • Questioning and listening skills and the principals of exchange (plus a very brief look at non-verbal communications and unconscious bias)
  • Case study / role-play 3 - Car repair / Car breakdown
  • Achievement of the desired outcomes - confirming the agreement / the implication of no agreement
  • Closing, contracting, confirming the deal - win / lose? or win / win?
  • PDPs and close
Chris Gayle

Chris Gale

Chris is results focused, hugely experienced and highly qualified as a sales, sales performance management, customer services excellence and management & leadership trainer and coach, having enjoyed a long and successful career in sales management, sales directorship and commercial directorship roles. He is a skilled assessor of training & development needs and an innovative solutions designer in a range of soft skills areas with significant experience in the ‘accelerated learning’ delivery of customer service excellence, sales performance and management & leadership development programmes.

Chris is a qualified and motivational performance coach and a successful recruiter and talent management specialist, skilled in competency based interviewing and the design and delivery of assessment centre activities. He is a moments of truth (MOT) practitioner focused on the delivery of unexpected and outstanding customer service, customer focus and customer care. Chris is a confident and credible communicator at all levels with the ability to report, present, pitch and win business including high value private and public sector bids and tenders.

Chris's list of qualifications includes the full (FPC) financial planning certificate in financial services, the Chartered Insurance Institute AFPC (H15) qualification in sales management, leadership and compliant supervision. He has achieved dual accreditation with the CII in the Certificate of Professional Development in Financial Services. He has qualifications in corporate, executive and sales performance coaching with The UK Coaching Academy and a European accreditation in executive coaching skills with Noble Manhattan Coaching. Chris is a Jan Carlson ‘Moments of Truth’ (MOT) practitioner and a qualified behavioural analyst through DISC Trimetrix, a qualified practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a licensed practitioner of S.D.I – strengths deployment inventory and a practitioner of the GROW / GROWTH coaching model.

Chris has a BA (Hons) degree in Global Business, Management and Communications which has given him a deep understanding of cultural issues in the conduct of sales, management, leadership and commercial strategy. 2 © Keystone Training Ltd

Operational knowledge and experience:

  • Commercial Director for Coventry University for 2011 / 2012, working closely with multiple functions across the University and with Coventry City Council.
  • Commercial Director for Tarmac Lafarge for two years 2009 / 2010. Responsibility for driving commercial awareness and focus throughout the organisation.
  • Various interim Directorship projects undertaken as Sales director, Commercial Director, Commercial Improvement Manager, Client Relationship Director.
  • Currently working with The Royal Mail on a culture change programme to shift from bureaucracy to commercial focus.
  • Currently designing an innovation, creative thinking and problem solving programme for 500 managers in a state run bank in Qatar.

Some testimonials:

“Chris took the time to properly understand our training and development needs before proposing a solution. He spent time with many individuals and even engaged with some our customers to understand the realities of what we do and how difficult it can be. His solution was innovative and refreshing, as was his approach in the classroom. The team were fully engaged and motivated to take on new skills and behaviours and Chris made sure they were left with more than enough tools to remember new behaviours and models and make them work in the real world – excellent and far better than we had experienced previously.”

Head of Sales Operations, AXA Insurance

“We’ve had off-the-shelf training before and it simply hasn’t worked. We had almost given up on the idea of training when we met Chris and he promised a different approach. He suggested that “training doesn’t work” but that real involvement and engagement with people does work if handled with care. Chris didn’t lecture us and didn’t use out-of-date or unrealistic models. He also didn’t use hundreds of PowerPoint slides but involved everyone in creating a learning agenda which would be relevant and immediately beneficial. The outcome is a refreshed and excited bunch of customer service people delivering a superior standard of service which is immediately resulting in referrals and recommendations, add on sales and repeat business.”

Sales Director, Bishops Move

“Chris gave us new ways to think about customer service. We loved and have fully adopted the ‘moments of truth’ approach and are now conducting regular MOT analysis sessions. This has become a core part of our approach and has transformed the focus, understanding and level of customer service in our company. Chris also shared some useful academic insight into how we can measure and benchmark our standards using the SERVQUAL and RATER MODEL. Really useful, really practical and all delivered with great humour and absolute relevance to our business activities.”

Client Relationships Director, Fujitsu UK Ltd