• Professional review preparation

    Initial Professional Development workshop, Webinar

    • 06 December, 2016

    Are you seeking chartership with the ICE? A major element of becoming professionally qualified is based on your work experience, also called Initial Professional Development (IPD). This workshop is to help and give clarity on your IPD process.

  • Routes to membership

    Technical Report Route, Webinar

    • 07 December, 2016

    The Technical Report Route allows you to utilise your work experience and practical knowledge to achieve professional qualification. In this webinar Membership Development Officer Roger Chantrelle explains how the route works and what the requirements are.

  • Routes to membership

    Routes to Technician Membership, Webinar

    • 15 December, 2016

    This webinar is an introduction to Technician Membership, providing guidance on the requirements and how to approach your application for this level of ICE membership.