Routes to technician membership

16 June, 2016

Routes to technician membership

About this webinar

Please note: Your submission package should be no larger than 5MB, not 20MB as stated in the video. We apologise for any inconvenience.

This webinar provides an overview of the routes to becoming a professionally qualified engineering technician (EngTech). Presented by Membership Development Officer (MDO) Hazel Sanders, it covers a wide array of topics, including:

  • Initial Professional Development (IPD)
  • Required standards and documents for your Professional Review
  • Details on keeping yourself up to date
  • Information on how you go about applying for your Professional Review
  • A Q&A session involving audience members

Please note:

3000 word report format- valid only to end 2015

'We've made a change to the requirements for Technician Professional Review (TPR) submissions. The change came into effect on 12 October, although there will be a transition period for candidates who have already started their applications. This recorded webinar is suitable only for candidates who have already commenced their application prior to this date and is based on a 3000 word report.

The new requirements will make the application process more straightforward. Candidates now need to complete the ICE EngTechNow application form. The new form includes three questions for candidates to demonstrate they can meet the five standards needed for EngTech MICE instead of the report. A new recording of the new requirements will be available on the professional qualification eLearning page shortly.'

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