Career Appraisal workshops, Stevenage

21 February - 2 May, 2017

Venue address:

Novotel Stevenage
Knebworth Park
United Kingdom

About this event

Your opportunity to progress to ICE Professional Review

Do you want to become a Chartered (CEng) or Incorporated (IEng) Engineer?

Have you:

  • The academic base for the grade of membership you aspire to?
  • Sufficient relevant experience to demonstrate the ICE Attributes and adequate CPD?
  • Not previously completed a Training Agreement or Career Appraisal (CA)?

Then join Louisa and Roger, your Membership Development Officers, in this fast-track programme to get you to your Career Appraisal submission targeting Professional Review application for an Autumn 2018 review. The workshop will be four two-hour sessions and you will be expected to work on the development of your documents in between sessions. All workshops will take place 1600-1800hrs on the following dates and you must attend all four sessions.

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Attending this event

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All workshops will take place 16.00 - 18.00hrs on the following dates and you must attend all four sessions.

Session Date Topic Homework
1 21 February Career Appraisal Overview.
4 Page CV
Completion of CV
2 14 March Preparation of Attribute Document. Completion of Attribute Document
3 4 April CPD: DAP and PDR Prepare DAP and PDR
4 2 May Review of documentation.
Completion of application.
Submit your documentation
East of England,