ICE Professional Review Preparation Course, Reading

13 October, 2016 | 09:00 - 17:00

Venue address:

Green Park Conference Centre
100 Longwater Avenue
Green Park
Reading RG2 6GP
United Kingdom

About this event

The programme addresses three key areas:

  • The ground - how to investigate, quantify and understand its current and future behaviour
  • The design - how to specify and design the key components of an earthworks project
  • The construction - the theory and reality of compaction and placement of earth fill.

Day one focusses on the information needed to enable the design to be carried out. It considers the soil and soil behaviour and how to specify a site investigation to ensure that the correct information is obtained and the soil parameters defined to classify the soil and specify the design. Practical sessions will deal with how to specify an investigation and understanding the advantages and limitations of the various tests which can be carried out.

Day two focusses on the design of earthworks utilising the Highway Agency specification and the various methods of placement and control for an earthworks project. It also considers some of the more challenging soils met in the UK as well as soil improvement methods available to modify and improve the performance of natural soils. Each session will include a practical exercise and discussion session.

Learning objectives:

  • How to design, monitor and control earthworks
  • How to prepare earthworks specifications
  • The compaction process, key geotechnical parameters and characteristics of earthworks materials
  • The effective placement and compaction of fill
  • Earthworks plant and performance
  • Site investigation for earthworks
  • Current specifications and codes
  • Potential future changes to specifications and codes

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