Technical Report Route – Planning & Approach, Truro

12 October, 2016 | 17:00 - 19:30

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Maiden Green
United Kingdom

About this event

Do you want to become a qualified member but don't have the degree or masters qualification which you would need?

This route is for candidates without an accredited qualification who would like to qualify as IEng MICE or CEng MICE. The workshop will cover an outline of the route; include a variety of exercises to get you thinking about your report subjects and how to plan your pathway to membership as well as an opportunity to network with fellow candidates of this route.

Both applicants and mentors are welcome at this event.

Kindly hosted by Cormac, light refreshments are included. Online booking is required for this event and we would be grateful if you book, but are unable to attend, you give due notice so that your refreshments order can be cancelled, to avoid unnecessary waste and cost.


For further details or information, please contact Michelle Cockburn at:

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