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ICE staff and civil engineers display a this is civil engineering banner
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Our ‘This is Civil Engineering’ campaign showcases civil engineering by displaying huge banners at a wide range of construction sites across the country.

The banners show the public what civil engineering is and how the project will benefit the community. This could be through protecting homes and businesses from floods, ensuring drinking water is clean or providing the roads and railways that keep people connected.

Since the campaign was first launched in 2012, over 100 projects have joined - raising their ‘This is Civil Engineering’ banners and celebrating the vital role civil engineering plays in society.

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Meet the people who make it happen

Find out more about some of the people responsible for building the structures that help power our lives.

  • Sarisha Harrychund

    Sarisha Harrychund

    As a consulting civil engineer, my job is to design structures that meet the needs of my company’s clients – and people like you and me who'll use them once they’re finished.

  • Oliver Robinson

    Oliver Robinson

    As a CAD technician, I create virtual drawings and models of buildings using computer software. This process is called 'computer aided design', or CAD.

  • Alex Heward

    Alex Heward

    My role as a site engineer involves managing several projects at once. I do lots of different tasks like being responsible for teams, and making sure we're spending the right amount of money.

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If you're interested in finding out more about how to become a civil engineer, we're here to help.

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