ICE President's Apprentices

Every year, the ICE president chooses six of the brightest and most motivated graduate and technician members to be on the President's Apprentice Scheme.

Tim and his apprentices.
Tim and his apprentices.

This popular and highly competitive scheme has been running since 2005. It gives graduate and technician members a unique opportunity to gain experience, develop skills and learn about the industry. You could meet and engage with senior engineering professionals, getting invaluable insight into industry development. You also become part of the Presidents' Apprentice alumni network and will have the opportunity to continue to work on an ICE project after your first year, if that matches your career aspirations. More information can be found in our information brochure.

Any technician member and graduate member, working towards their professional qualification, can apply to be a president's apprentice.


The president's apprenticeship scheme has many benefits, not only for you, but also for your employer and ICE. Here are just a few examples.


  • Accelerate their early career development
  • Work on strategic projects that will make a real difference to the industry
  • Are mentored by the President and an ICE Director
  • Meet senior civil engineering professionals and key politicians
  • Learn about the industry and ICE
  • Get experience outside a normal work environment
  • Develop new skills and improve existing ones
  • Attend important ICE events

Apprentices’ employers:

  • Build a reputation for employing talented, young and qualified engineers
  • Benefit from a more skillful, confident and well-rounded employee
  • Appear in industry publications, such as New Civil Engineer


  • Uses feedback from apprentices and employers to improve products and services, and attract younger people into civil engineering
  • Learns from young members who provide fresh, innovative ways of thinking and communicating


If you're chosen to be an apprentice, you'll be away from work for around 15 days in the year. You'll also attend events and face-to-face meetings, and will need to discuss projects over the phone and by email.

Are you interested?

Webinar - watch the 2016/17 apprentices webinar discussing the scheme and how to apply

If you have any questions, please contact Joanne Hunt at:

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This year ICE President’s, Tim Broyd, apprentices will be working on a variety of projects.

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