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Member Assessment

Watch this 13 minute recording to find out how to put your submission together.

If you have any ICE membership queries after viewing the video please watch our other recordings and discuss with your manager or email [email protected].

Essential recordings

Watch essential recordings related to the Member Assessment process:

Background to ICE Professional Qualifications

Watch this recording for an overview of the routes towards professional qualification (10 mins)

IPD and Member Attributes

Watch this to gain an understanding of ICE’s Member Attributes (20 mins)

Continuing Professional Development

See how to plan and record your learning (4 mins)

Member and Chartered Professional Review

Find out about the ICE Professional Review (10 mins)

Written Exercise

Find out about the Written Exercise part of the ICE Professional Review (13 mins)

Written Exercise: Types of questions

Find out about the type of written exercise question you may be asked and subject areas that could be included (6 mins)

Technical Report Route

Watch this if the result of your Member Assessment directs you towards the Technical Report Route. (28 mins)

Useful recordings

Watch useful recordings related to the Member Assessment process:


Find out about mentoring and learning (13 mins)

What is an Academic Assessment?

Watch this recording to understand if you need an academic assessment to be completed and to understand the process (6 mins)

What is an accredited qualification?

Watch this recording to understand want is meant by accredited qualification and to understand if you have accredited qualifications (2 mins)

For more information please contact:

Membership Support Coordinator

e: [email protected]