NEC3: ECC project manager accreditation, London

    This popular programme will equip delegates with the skills necessary to be able to manage a project using the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC).

    02 March, 2020
    £1745 exc VAT

    Fundamentals of CDM2015, London

    An insightful one day training course on CDM 2015, focussing particularly on the links between the new regulations and accepted project management principles, and the recommended management tools to put these principles into practice.

    United Kingdom
    03 March, 2020
    £300 exc VAT

    Construction project management, London

    Offered as an intensive two day training course, this programme has been specifically developed to align with the CIOB 5th edition of the ‘Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction and Development’, which includes the BIM mandate and the environmental mandate.

    04 March, 2020
    £609 exc VAT

    NEC3 preparing & managing engineering & construction contracts, Bristol

    This two day course introduces delegates to the philosophy of the NEC family of contracts and focuses on the provisions of the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract(ECC). The programme includes interactive workshops using a number of case studies to assist delegates' understanding of pre- and post-contract aspects of ECC.

    04 March, 2020
    £490 exc VAT

    ICE BIM for Infrastructure, London

    The result of a unique collaboration between the ICE BIM Action Group and Government's BIM Task Group, ICE BIM for Infrastructure is a leading BIM training programme in the UK.

    09 March, 2020
    £665 excl VAT

    Starting your own business, Newcastle

    Whether you’re planning to work part-time locally as a Sole Trader or planning to build a nationwide business with employees around the UK, the content of this workshop covers all scenarios.

    09 March, 2020
    From £55

    NEC3: Introduction to the Term Service Contract, Birmingham

    This useful one day course is intended for clients and their supply chains to understand the provisions of the TSC to enhance their relationships and benefit their businesses.

    United Kingdom
    11 March, 2020
    £280 exc VAT

    NEC3 to NEC4 ECC project manager accreditation extension, Manchester

    This course is restricted to those who are already accredited NEC3 Project Managers.

    United Kingdom
    12 March, 2020
    £615 exc VAT