BIM for Asset Management, Birmingham

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etc Venues - Maple House
150 Corporation Street
Birmingham B4 6TB

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Event cancelled

We regret to inform you that this event has been cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus situation.

Please see our update for more details.


Enabling BIM (Building Information Modelling) often focuses on design and construction. However, it is the long term operation of the finished asset that is most important and where the greatest benefits can be achieved.

This one-day workshop provides an introduction to BIM – and digital engineering – for asset managers, and for everyone involved in asset management.

It is designed to enable participants to develop their own plans for obtaining benefits from BIM and digital engineering.

Participants are invited to bring information on the challenges they face and on the benefits they expect from having better information when carrying out operations and maintenance activities, whether that is major refurbishment, plant upgrades, or minor maintenance.

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Natalie Collins

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