Carbon Management in Infrastructure, online

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About this workshop

The infrastructure sector has been identified by the government as being responsible for at least 53% of carbon (greenhouse gas) emissions in the UK. This percentage is set to increase significantly as the energy grid is decarbonised.

Civil engineers have a vital role to play in reducing carbon emissions and preventing catastrophic climate change. PAS 2080, the world’s first specification for carbon management in infrastructure, requires practitioners to calculate a project’s whole life carbon baseline and set targets for carbon reduction.

What is PAS 2080?

Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 2080 shows how carbon in infrastructure can be managed more rationally and strategically. It includes requirements for all leaders and practitioner-level individuals to show the right leadership and to establish effective governance systems for reducing whole life carbon through the use of a carbon management process.

Read the Construction Leadership Council (CLC)'s guidance document for more information.

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