Design of retaining walls to Eurocode 7, online

£305 exc VAT

About this workshop

This one day training course covers the design of mass and embedded retaining walls in accordance with Eurocode 7. It has been specifically developed for engineers who want to be able to design retaining walls and for those who wish to update their knowledge of retaining wall design.

The course takes a logical and considered approach to modern retaining wall design with four key themes:

  • Capability - Scope, options and decisions
  • Ground - Assessment, classification and decisions
  • Wall - Design, interaction and performance
  • Build - Sequence, practicalities and reality

The key themes will enable the delegate to understand, appreciate and apply best practice in retaining wall design. Tutorial examples are used throughout to illustrate the principles of design and construction and delegate participation is actively encouraged.

For more information please contact:

Natalie Collins

e: [email protected]