Essential contract law, London

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Institution of Civil Engineers
One Great George Street
London SW1P 3AA

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Event cancelled

We regret to inform you that this event has been cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus situation.

Please see our update for more details.


This training course has been mapped to:

  • UK-SPEC Competence E5: Exercise responsibilities in an ethical manner
  • ICE Key Attribute 5A: Ability to prepare and control budgets
  • ICE Key Attribute 5C: A high level of commercial and contractual understanding and an ability to use it within own area of responsibility

A useful one day training course focussing on the essentials of contract law. It enables delegates to understand and appreciate the key requirements inherent in a contract, how it is operated and the key clauses that need to be interpreted.

Contracts, their application and interpretation are fundamental to every construction project. Construction contract forms, although specifically developed to aid efficient and effective delivery of engineering projects, are based on common principles of English law.

A broad introduction to English law and the UK legal system establishes the basis of the course. This is expanded to define essential requirements for contract formation that ensure legal status. The various options for formation are considered and discussed.

Contract terms, breaches, remedies and interpretation are presented and supported with key case law.

The law of tort is outlined and its application to claims of negligence most common to construction contracts is detailed.

Tutorial questions are used throughout to illustrate key points and demonstrate legal decisions and precedents in respect of contract law in the construction industry.

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Natalie Collins

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