NEC3: Introduction to the Term Service Contract, online

20 May, 2021 | 09:00 - 17:00

About this event

The Term Service Contract (TSC) has been developed for the appointment of a supplier for a period of time to manage and provide a service. This useful (one day) course is intended for clients and their supply chains to understand the provisions of the TSC to enhance their relationships and benefit their businesses.

Why enrol?

  • Be clear on when to use the TSC
  • Be able to prepare tender documents and appraise tenders
  • Understand important TSC clauses, particuarly Early Warnings, Plan, Risk Register, Communications and Compensation Events
  • Comprehend roles and responsibilities of key parties
  • Be able to instruct tasks
  • Confidently apply your NEC3 TSC knowledge in practice

Attending this event

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