Specifying and using asphalts in roads and other paved areas with confidence, London

17 October, 2017 | 09:00 - 17:00

Venue address:

The Hatton
51-53 Hatton Garden
United Kingdom

About this event

This programme focusses on:

  • The various ways in which roads and other paved areas fail
  • How to trouble-shoot areas of poor performance
  • The production, transport and site practices that drastically affect the performance and durability of asphalt
  • How to achieve intended performance and greatest possible durability from asphalt

Specific reference is made to:

  • European Standards and PD6691 dealing with the production of asphalts
  • The British Standard, BS594987, covering the transporting, laying and compacting of all asphalts including SMA's
  • The revisions to the Highway Agency's Specification for Highway Works 900 series clauses

Learning objectives

  • Factors influencing the successful use of asphalts including hot, warm, semi-warm and cold mixes and use of recycled asphalt
  • How to identify problems with existing paved areas, including TAR-bound materials, and recognise the range of remedial and preventative measures to deal with them
  • How to maintain surfaces in a durable and safe condition
  • How to recognise good and bad work on site, and deal with bad work
  • The current standards for asphalts