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Sustainable Futures, London

£305 exc VAT

Event information

etc Venues - The Hatton
51-53 Hatton Garden
London EC1N 8HN

About this workshop

Many organisations find the term "Sustainability" rather abstract, a concept with which it is difficult to connect. At its heart lies the simple idea of integrating economic, social and environmental policies to ensure a better quality of life for everyone.

Innovation and creativity on an unprecedented scale will be required to yield new processes, new methodologies and new ways of managing the future role of professionals in the public and private sectors.

This one day course will examine the approaches and skills which are likely to be necessary for successfully incorporating sustainability into commercial strategy. It will examine ways in which organisations and businesses could take a central role in finding new ways of meeting people's needs, expectations and aspirations whilst ensuring that the economy, society and the built and natural environments grow and develop in harmony.

For more information please contact:

Natalie Collins

e: [email protected]