Technical report writing, Birmingham

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etc Venues - Maple House
150 Corporation Street
Birmingham B4 6TB

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Event cancelled

We regret to inform you that this event has been cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus situation.

Please see our update for more details.


This intensive one day training course provides the foundations for effective technical writing in a business environment.

Watch Ferrovial Agroman's graduate engineers as they share their thoughts about the training

The basics of communication are discussed at the outset with the emphasis on using plain English. This is followed by discussing the general structure of reports outlined to ensure clear dissemination of written information. Specific report styles are covered in detail, from management and sales reports to project reports and business case preparation. The development of clear, concise and unambiguous instructions, procedures and manuals are detailed.

The course demonstrates the value and methods of good writing by using lots of examples, contrasting good and bad, to indicate which writing styles work and which don't - and why.

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Natalie Collins

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